11-9-22 5:30 p.m. Tropical Storm Nicole Update – General population, pet friendly shelters open

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – In anticipation of the effects of Tropical Storm Nicole, Alachua County has now opened a general population, pet-friendly shelter at Eastside High School located at 1201 SE 43rd St, Gainesville, FL. Also, in cooperation with Putnam County, Alachua County residents will be welcome at the Ochwilla Elementary School shelter (also pet-friendly) located at 299 State Rd 21, Hawthorne FL. (just north of Highway 20) This shelter is 6.1 miles from Shell Elementary School in Hawthorne whereas Eastside High School is 12.7 miles from Shell Elementary school.

As this is not expected to be a flooding event, only those in unsafe structures should consider sheltering. Those considering using the emergency shelters, please remember that shelters are a last resort and should only be used by those living in homes that are potentially unsafe in high winds (e.g., mobile homes, manufactured homes, and others) and people with nowhere else safe to go.

Shelters do not provide cots or beds. Bring any needed bedding. When packing to go to a shelter, please bring special dietary foods, baby food, diapers (and other child necessities), prescription medications, and a small cooler of ice if refrigeration is needed, as the shelter cannot be responsible for your medications. Also, bring spare clothing, personal care items (hygiene, toiletries, etc.), spare eyeglasses/contacts, and identification.

Pet-friendly shelters are intended to shelter cats, dogs, and their people safe. Citizens with pets are encouraged to bring basic pet supplies such as collars, leashes, crates, carriers, towels, blankets, pet medications, pet food, etc. Alachua County Animal Resources and Community Support Services staff will be on-site to encourage both people and animal safety. Animal Resources and Care will have supplemental supplies on hand for those in need. We encourage citizens to bring veterinary records indicating their pets are properly vaccinated. However, animals without such records will be vaccinated upon intake to minimize the spread of contagious diseases. Please remember that animals must be properly restrained throughout their stay at the emergency shelter for the safety of all involved citizens and pets.