18-year-old arrested for armed robbery, carrying concealed firearm


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Tequandre Jacarius Flowers, 18, was arrested Thursday morning and charged with armed robbery and carrying a concealed firearm after allegedly taking cash that the victim had borrowed from his mother to “look cool” on Instagram.

According to a sworn complaint filed on July 16, Flowers and three juveniles had traveled from the east side of town to The Reserve at Kanapaha apartments on July 15 and were hanging around the victim’s apartment building to take Instagram pictures. The victim, also a juvenile, reportedly wanted to “look cool” by having a lot of cash in the pictures and borrowed $650 from his mother. After taking a few pictures, Flowers allegedly pulled a pistol from his waistband and demanded that the victim give him the cash. The victim told an Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy that he thought he was joking at first, but after Flowers pulled the slide back on the pistol, he assumed Flowers would shoot him and gave him the money. The victim said that Flowers and the others then took off running. A witness reportedly showed the deputy a social media post of Flowers posing with a large amount of cash.

Flowers has been charged with armed robbery and carrying a concealed firearm without a license. He has a juvenile record and is being held on $250,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • I hope I’m not the only person that is asking “what in the heck is going on in G’ville”?
    It appears everyday this is occurring and so young. How many more that we are not aware of ?
    This needs to be a top priority before it results in tragedy for someone.

    • There’s literally nothing for the young kids to do here if they can’t leave out of Gainesville to go 1.5 to 2 hours to a water park or something entertaining then there stuck here bored this is primarily a college town not saying that’s an excuse but I believe that has a lot to do with it It’s really sad.

      • Can’t they go to the public pool near NE 15th Street? I guess they’d have to leave the guns, hundred dollar bills, etc. at home if they went there. I do agree with your overall point, however. No businesses want to operate here because it’s too costly with the taxes and utilities and too much trouble. We’ve got idiots on the city commission wasting everybody’s time because they actually think Miami is sinking and everybody will have to move here from Miami. Things need to change a lot for us to be viewed as business-friendly and a law-and-order community where people feel safe and want to live. We sure aren’t the #1 place to live anymore.

        • Ok, going a little off topic here but you said it: “We’ve got idiots on the city commission wasting everybody’s time because they actually think Miami is sinking and everyone will have to move here from Miami”…. Why do GNV commissioners
          Cover their faces with masks like antifa? Is it to prevent them from
          Transmitting Covid or is it a political flag like a swastika to let
          Everyone know they’re fascists?
          I think it’s creepy…them wearing face masks makes me think the
          Covid shots don’t work. They can’t all have compromised immune systems, can they? Are they vaccine dependent now because they took Covid shots & boosters? If Areola wants to save the planet, why doesn’t he just come right out and say he wants to reduce the human population?

        • aint nobody tryna go to damn pool ….we need jobs and careers opprotunities, job fairs sum productive in gainesville

          • That makes a lot of sense…what new career are you interested in?
            SF college downtown campus is now open to help. I think classes
            start this month. The campus is
            Brand new.

    • The tragedy is people are breeding these kids.

      • Tax credits
        Government tax incentives. Just like getting a check to stay home.
        No father at home, just anger and victimization.
        No skills, just gangsta indoctrination. Sad!

      • tragedy is shiitty economy and lack of opportunities for us young black males to work and have a life withought being picked at or judged so damn easily

        • Do you know what “ you reap what you sow means”? You can better yourself through education. The military also provides a good career with benefits.

  • JeffK, Us Navy veteran, and on the bright side stop with the racist comments. Problems with young people has been in existence since it’s been a society. Quit wasting enlightening comment space for your weird way of thinking. The comments you three have said are ignorant and stupid and shouldn’t be allow on no platform it’s not helping at all. It’s always about the influences that make people do the things that they do whether it positive or negative influence. 85% of black people’s problems in America comes from post civil war, slavery, Jim crow and civil rights. How would you feel if you are discriminated against because of the color of your skin? Just think about being black and being profiled in all that you do. Systemic racism is alive and thriving and that’s part of the problem, poor education systems, health care, housing, jobs ect… The list goes on and on. 100% of white people in America has benefited from Slavery, jim crow and racial discrimination since the first slave ship landed on this land. The criminal justice system that allow blacks to be hung and murdered lawlessly is what you need to blame but y’all wanna sweep that under the rug like it never happened and like it’s not continuously still happening today. White people commit more crime than anyone but yet black are incarcerated more than any other race or nationality. So dig deep in yourself and make change for everyone.

    • “The list” lol. Just act like a full-fledged human being capable of following rules and adhering to standards set by mainstream society, and life is much easier in this country. It’s okay to work instead of being a moocher of one kind or another.

      • follow rules or obey our earthly masters….them days are over bruh

        • If you want to live like some kid who ran away from home because he won’t listen to anybody, then go ahead. I’d rather follow enough rules to get by and not be some kind of rebel without a clue. The bottom line is no normal business (that makes money) will hire people who have attitude problems. So you have to choose between wild rebel man and making money. Maybe it’s been so long since people on the east side have made any real money that they forgot what respectability and being able to buy stuff you want feels like. That’s possible.

    • Feel free to read another medium. I didn’t mention racism but here you are implying it.

      A criminal doesn’t care what color they’re painted. What’s apparent is that some people are incapable of being a parent.

    • Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Thomas Sowell are but 3 who would probably disagree with you.

      85% of black Americans’ problems could probably be corrected if they put forth a little more effort.
      Slavery ended in 1865, civil rights legislation, what? Some 60 years ago.

      There are still problems, but your apparent insistence that it’s systemic is like you, all hot air. Things are better. If not, why are so many people of color leaving their countries for a better life in these United States?

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