19-year-old arrested in rape of 14-year-old


Gene Davon Hunt, 19, was arrested yesterday morning for rape of a victim under 18.

According to the arrest report, on October 18, Hunt gave a 14-year-old girl (the victim) and another person (the witness) a ride to McDonald’s after school, and after buying food, the witness began driving while Hunt got into the back seat with the victim. The victim told investigators that she thought they were going back to the school, but instead they parked in the parking lot east of Dollar General near Gainesville High School.

Hunt allegedly asked the witness to get out of the car, then he told the victim he wanted to have sex. She said she told him no, but he allegedly laughed, took off his pants, put on a condom, and eventually allegedly removed her shorts, flipped her over, and forcibly penetrated her vagina and anus. The witness and Hunt then took the girl back to school. The victim told investigators that Hunt knew she was 14, but he did not care, and she said that he has a reputation for “messing with freshmen.”

Post Miranda, Hunt told investigators that he and the victim only kissed and that the witness was only out of the car for about two minutes. He denied having sex with the victim at any point. However, the witness reported that she was out of the vehicle for about 15-20 minutes and that Hunt and the victim had sex.

The address listed for Hunt’s arrest is the address of Gainesville High School, and his occupation is listed as “student.”

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