A small price to pay


  • Pulling a gun on people, pounding on the table during meetings and yelling at people. You never know what he might freak out and do next. That’s how abusers operate, keeping people in fear. Ed is such a nice, intelligent, and well-educated man. The choice should be obvious.

    • what was Mr. Peabody afterall? (Hector J. Peabody, simply referred to as Mr. Peabody, is an anthropomorphic cartoon dog)

      • Yes, from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show in case anyone is unfamiliar. Sherman is his assistant and sidekick as they travel through time and history in their Wayback Machine. This could be “The Worst City Commission in History” Mr. Peabody and Sherman segment on Bullwinkle.

      • Final public warning to Swampy: Last night, I set your account to send every comment to moderation. In response, you spammed me overnight with a pile of nonsensical and racist comments that I had to read and moderate. You do not have a right to my time. The next comment you post that is not a plain English discussion of the article on that page will result in all future comments going directly to Trash.

  • This would never be considered a race except it’s G’ville. Where logic, common sense is no longer common. Ed, is the only hope and choice to make.

    • Yes, because the “alternate” choice is GRU CEO. Free the Comedy Clowns lying to themselves. Your “Taxpayer Dollars” are Gods, CovidScam printed you under so now you don’t adapt to new situation. SinisterStatistsTryingTheirBest to confess.

      • That Purple stuff was Hillary. That Purple stuff is Ed. That Purple stuff wants Truth dead

  • Why do people vote for these failures? Too many people in Gainesville have NO common sense.

  • The Gainesville Sun endorsed extremist liberal zealot Ward. Go figure! The DEC dems will marshal every connection and call in every debt and favor owed to preserve their corrupt crooked system in Gainesville. One term Brandy was the start of tearing such down. Bielarski would do more damage, maybe even get rid of the millions given back to certain dems for the FIT transfer from GRU. Dems desperate to preserve, even electing an ignorant oaf like goofy Ward!!! Don’t vote for that fool !

  • Oaf Ward leading anything means it is going straight down the tubes. He’s just a patsy stand-in to continue a corrupt and dysfunctional city commission. It will continue to wallow in its own scum trying to pass more idiotic mandates “for the people” and praise the uncoordinated dysfunctional leadership provided by Poe. Probably one of the worst leaders ever in the state of FL! His close followers Chunky Oaf Ward and Lying Hyphen Hayes need to be let go, and encouraged to move to Alachua or further, maybe they can be important destroyers for that town, At least until they are exposed as hypocritical failures and banished again.

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