Accountant at Meridian Behavioral Health identified as suspect in vandalism of campaign signs


ALACHUA, Fla. – Circuit Court Judge Candidate Nathan Skop’s campaign signs have been vandalized in multiple locations over the past few weeks, including the addition of “Hitler mustaches” in black marker to several of the signs. Skop filed a vandalism report with the Gainesville Police Department, but the police have had little to go on–until Saturday.

On Saturday, July 30, a witness outside Brown’s Country Buffet in Alachua snapped pictures of a man wearing a face mask, sunglasses, and hat, who he said had written “STOP” and then drawn black hair and a miniature mustache on Skop’s face on the campaign sign posted there; the witness also got a clear picture of the license plate of the man’s car. Alachua Police Department has identified the suspect as Alan Geoffrey Geering, 51, a local “Antifascist” activist who is also an accountant at Meridian Behavioral Services, and a sworn complaint for a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief over $200 has now been filed against Geering.

Alachua Chronicle received a tip that Geering uses the name “Al Gadze” on Facebook; the profile picture on the “Al Gadze” profile was updated yesterday to remove the picture below, but the previous picture is still available in Photos, showing a strong resemblance to Geering’s LinkedIn profile picture.

An earlier “Al Gadze” profile picture had a frame that said, “Sometimes antisocial. Always antifascist.” Posts on the page include links to fundraisers for “Black Power Blueprint” and a fundraiser using a featured image that says, “Dismantle White Supremacy.” “Likes” on the page include organizations such as Alachua County Labor Coalition, Anti-Fascist News, Anti-Nazi Gaming League, Coalition of Armed Labor, Gainesville Antifascists, Gainesville: City of Resistance, Human Rights Coalition of Alachua County, Madres Sin Fronteras, Marxism Festival, North Central Florida Indivisible, Reparations Now, and Women’s March Florida.

Geering’s LinkedIn profile says he was an ESE teacher in Levy County before a 7-year stint as an administrator and ESE coordinator at The Einstein School in Gainesville. He began working as an accountant in 2014, has worked for various companies since then, and is currently employed at Meridian Behavioral Healthcare.

Skop says the damage to the vandalized signs amounts to over $600, between the initial costs of the signs themselves and the cost and time it will take to replace them. He commended the citizen who reported the vandalism and thanked the dedicated officers of the Alachua Police Department for their investigative work and for filing the sworn complaint against Geering.

  • So, if we don’t want Antifa wreaking havoc, destroying property, burning down our cities and towns and hurting and even killing people with immunity, we should probably vote for the guy that they really don’t want to win this race…

    • Thank you Kathy for your comment…I see many likes and a few dislikes…

      To the dislikers: how about adding
      a comment so we can have a dialog on why you approve of the
      actions of a creepy mask wearing commie fascist pig. And to you Alachua County Labor Coalition Commi Marxists: thanks for messing with small landlords and making us raise our rents! The unintended consequences of your actions upon local government. 🤣

        • Antifacists are militant liberals and liberals have a long standing issue with projection and the meanings of words. Men can have babies these days, so there’s that…..

    • What on earth are you talking about? In what world are anti fascists more dangerous than fascists?

      • The fascists are calling themselves antifa. They do their rioting and violent stuff under cover of BLM riots. They are commie anarchists. Just like boys can identify as girls now, fascists call themselves antifa.
        They cover their faces and get violent. It’s not peaceful protest.
        They should be identified as a terrorist organization.

  • I have have known Nate Skop for about 30 years. He is one of the most concerned, caring citizens in our community. Apparently Mr Geering who was caught hiding his face while defacing Nate’s campaign signs works for a local psychiatric facility as an employee. I’m sure when Nathan Skop becomes judge
    He would even treat Mr Geering fairly and kindly.. That’s the kind of person he is. I would like to see the Geering the defacer and the psychiatric organization for whom he works publicly apologize to this fine citizen who spends his time defending caring and standing up for many of us who need help.

    I know how tough it is to run a campaign for public office and to put yourself out there but this kind of activity undermines more than one elections, it damages all of us who stand up and run to make it better.

    Mark Goldstein

    • Well said Mark. You are absolutely correct. I saw Nathan after this happened and he was very upset. His response was, “I’m just trying to run a campaign and now I have to deal with this.” That is his character.

  • Justice would be having him wear a sandwich sign for 2 months on the busiest thoroughfares in Gainesville endorsing Skop. Make sure it’s during the hottest hours of the day, between 11 – 6:00 p.m. so Skop gets the most exposure.

      • It’s worthy of the crime and beneficial to his health if he’s able to shed a few pounds. He does work for a healthcare facility.

    • Alan Geoffrey Geering is a democrat / communist. should be deported to cuba, venezuela, etc. to live out his utopion dream.

    • So true. I only like skinny anorexic Republicans like my size 03 congresscritter Phat Cammack.

  • ANTIFA is a misnomer…

    Antifa = commie fascists

    Alachua county labor coalition = commie fascists

    anti Nazi gaming league= Nazi Commie fascist gaming league

    Question who wears the mask & why? — The guy wears the mask here because he’s a fascist commie and he’s a hater.
    He’s such a loser.

    The intended purpose of the mask by the the Chinese communist party (CCP)
    Is to scare people so they stay away.
    So, psychologically, you are subliminally terrorizing others to stay away using a “fear tactic”.

    It’s time to remove your masks and live your life.

    You wear the mask for the “greater good”? Hitler committed his atrocities for the greater good.

    I would rather be free than live in the gilded cage of a tyrannical government.

    • Bullwinkle! You make your comments behind a false moniker. I wear a mask because I am at risk, still, because of a compromised immune system. Stupid it would be of me to catch COVID from someone like you who does not care enough to even wash your hands…..! Many people are traveling around the world where masks are not used. Airborne viruses still travel. I refuse to be a victim of this disease. I am not willing to take off my mask because of insults by you. Go find ROCKY…….and play elsewhere!

      • Cynthia: didn’t you get your Covid shot & booster? If so, then you should be ok. That’s what Biden & Fauci say…are they liars?

      • Cynthia: you made actually need a face but antifa uses the face mask to hide their faces from being identified and prosecuted for violent crimes and property damage. The face mask is being used as a political flag for party politics and to hide faces from facial recognition cameras…the efficacy of face masks stopping a virus is also questionable. I hope you got all your shots & boosters.
        Vitamins help the immune system too. Positive thinking is also good for the immune system. You go ahead and wear the mask if you
        are immune compromised. God has blessed me with good health
        And I am thankful for that. I hope your medical condition improves to where you can have a normal life. I also wash my hands.

  • I wish you people would have had the same hate when republicans attacked our capital and police were attacked. People even died. Where is your outcry for that?

    • And you know these people were Republicans how? Did you check their voter registration?

    • Some of us did. I think it was one person that died.
      Doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, why aren’t more people up in arms about current local leadership and the taxes and utility rates they impose on us?

    • The only person shot was a female veteran ex Air Force by capitol police, the only ones with guns. Dems faked the policeman being beaten and had him lie in state in the capitol. He called his brother several hours after events were over, died from unknown reasons. You actually thing someone could believe they could overthrow the whole US gov without a single shot and without guns? Duh, that’s stupid. Did we really need barbed wire and 2,000 troops around there for months afterwards? Thanks Pisslosey for making it a much bigger deal than it was.

  • Looks to me that Geering may have a hand gun in his pocket. I’m thinking red flag warning on Geering..

  • Well good to know more about Skop and not to vote for the fascist . I’m against vandalism however.

    • The fascist is the antifa guy that got charged.. You
      Gender dysphoric confused too?

    • I think you’re about five years behind the times if business is slow at the salon and you’re trying to virtue signal to drum up business. Most people realize Antifa is a cult of deranged, low-IQ losers, most of whom still live with their parents and have zero job skills. You can thank the local and national Democrat leadership if business is slow at the salon, by the way. Skop has worked tirelessly in support of all Gainesville citizens at the city commission meetings. I don’t think he would ever have represented the Black community in Archer if he were a known fascist. You’re coming across as more of a fascist right now.

  • What in the haberdashin’ hooliganism is going through this guy’s mind?!

  • Freedom Freedom of speech 💬. Opinions are his alone. $600.00 writing ✍ on the sign. Peace➿➿➿✝️☮

    • Cynthia: it’s not virtuous to hide your hate behind freedom of speech. Skop is for the people…all the people. He gives tirelessly to make sure we have government in the sunshine. He is for peace, freedom, & liberty. He has courage, wisdom, & compassion. He believes that honesty is the best policy. He’s fair & honest. If elected, he will do a great job. We
      are lucky to have such a wonderful
      Person working to make our city &
      County a better place to live, and love, and grow. The best candidate is Nathan Skop.

      Defacing or stealing his signs is dirty underhanded politics. We as citizens deserve fair & honest elections. Mr. Skop is running a clean campaign and we expect all
      to run a clean campaign too. Mr. Skop deserves restitution an explanation, & an apology from Mr. Geering.

  • This guy should not be working for Behavioral Health; he should be an inside client!! This behavior does not generate trust. Is he messing with accounts he suspects are his enemies like SKOFF?

  • Looks like the sign in the photo may be placed on the highway right of way, like many others, which is illegal.

  • Skop is a turd. A non-partisan positition sought by the most partisan turd.

  • Nathan will adjudicate fairly and constitutionally unlike Kramer and Brewer who release animals that go on to reoffend and kill people.

  • Defacing property or Criminal Damage to Property is a fair charge, but I also favor a Federal charge of violation of Mr. Skop’s First Amendment right to Free Speech, possibly the vague “hate crime” could be used as race somehow seems to be brought into this. Mr. Skop paid for these signs, supporters helped publish the information, and this nonsense should stop. The business owner who apparently supports this candidate has also had his/her rights violated by the desecration. Time to grow up people, and win debates with words, not intimidation and criminal action.

  • Gotta wonder why Skops signs were targeted and not other Republican candidates like Chuck or Kat. Wonder if this genius coordinated his vandalism with a certain other campaign. Has anyone checked this losers FB page

  • I was at a protest in 2017, and this guy assaulted me. Police never showed up to the call. Glad he has been arrested for something. Antifa are terrorists.

  • I don’t think he’s been charged with anything yet. And probably won’t be.

  • Democrats NEED and LOVE being oppressed, even extrapolated future oppression. To “justify” their current fake civil rights campaign planks — and social media cancel culture.

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