Alachua County Accepting Waste Reduction Grant Applications

Press release from Alachua County

Board of County Commissioners of Alachua County, Florida is calling for and requesting applications from parties who are interested in a Waste Reduction Grant. The Waste Reduction Grant is designed to stoke innovation, spur development, and encourage the enhancement of Waste Reduction programs within the non-profit and for-profit community for the benefit of the residents of Alachua County.

The County’s e-Procurement Public Portal must be used to submit proposals for the project. It contains additional information on the project (including submittal instructions). All questions regarding this project should be submitted via the question and answer tab on the Portal.

Proposals will be ranked in order of preference by the County. In ranking the proposals, the County will consider the factors set forth in the submittal instructions.

The County’s Cone of Silence will be in effect from the initial advertisement of this notice. All communications regarding the project must be submitted via the question and answer tab in the County’s e-Procurement Public Portal. All proposals and related information received will be subject to the applicable provisions of the Florida Public Records Law.