Alachua County Announces Community-Wide Study Weather-Related Survey

Press release from Alachua County

Alachua County today released a County-wide survey to assess the weather-related risk perceptions and their impacts on the community’s quality of life and how to best respond.

Participants must fill out the online survey by Sunday, May 15, 2022. The survey takes approximately ten minutes to complete, with an opportunity to elaborate on responses if desired. All individual responses will be treated with confidentiality, and no personal data is gathered or stored without consent.

Survey results will be analyzed and presented to the County Commission and County Staff in an executive summary. The results will help the County prioritize infrastructure improvements (roads, pipes, services, etc.), policies, and community programs. In addition, the survey explores future potential weather impacts with a variety of unique potential improvements and strategies for addressing them. To aid these objectives, the County solicits the participation of its residents, workers, students, and visitors of all ages and backgrounds in an effort to foster effective and equitable solutions.

  • If you stay away from the news, your weather related risk perception is probably much lower than others.

  • The survey is interesting because the wording of the questions provides a clear window into the level of climate concern\alarmism of the county staff. As presently constructed, it reads as a political push-poll to build support for more governmental spending.

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