Alachua County declares local state of emergency


Alachua County Commission Chair Ken Cornell has declared a local state of emergency for the county. The declaration can be found here.

The County Commission briefly discussed the possibility of implementing a state of emergency in their August 3 meeting but did not vote on it. Cornell is currently acting on his authority as Chair of the commission to “take actions between meetings of the Board as long as the Board is advised of such action… in the absence of action of the Board, such action stands as ratified.”

Although the “WHEREAS” section contains multiple statements about recommendations to get vaccinated, wear face masks indoors, wash hands frequently, and social distance, it also specifically states that “this Action does not limit the rights or liberties of individuals or businesses in the County.”

The declaration states that the continuing increase in hospitalizations and community spread is likely to impact County operations and the ability to provide services in a timely manner and that the state of emergency “allows certain streamlined operations” and “flexibility in the utilization of Federal, State and local Funds.”

The local state of emergency is in effect for 7 days and may be extended for another 7 days on August 12.

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  • Oh NO! I guess I’ll just have to mask up and hide under my bed with my Covid vaccination card until our woke leaders tell us its safe again. I’m guessing that will probably be sometime after the midterm elections?

  • Gainesville Sun (8/5/21): “The variant is a different animal than we saw last year,” Cornell said.

    [Are the Experimental Injections (Vaxxines) causing any deaths or adverse reactions in “state of emergency” Alachua County?]

    • This crap will go on and on just like the perpetual war described in Orwell’s 1984. We need to call out their bs and make them prove everything they say. Their “experts” are political operatives and any opposing voice is silenced, this must stop!!

  • King Poe must have called Commie Cornhole Cornell and told him he was going to issue a city order. Scary and sad…UF runs the city, the city runs the county and between the 3, they are causing the extinction of the middle class in Alachua County.

    King Poe and Cornhole Cornell have “small man syndrome.” They continue to exhibit such tendencies in all their actions against the people of Alachua County.

    They need to get their employees back to doing their jobs instead of being on a 2 day work week.

    All you liberal idiots…keep on believing.

    • 1. Are the city & county going
      To ramp up PCR testing in the “utilization of federal, state, & local funds”?
      2. Are the city & county going to mandate that their
      Employees get the Covid shot or be fired?
      3. What is Desantis going to do about the ACSB
      Requiring school children to wear masks in defiance to
      His executive order?

      • I bring up the PCR testing because it helps them
        Validate their emergency with the false positives…can anyone explain about what happened in Canada about “not being able to isolate the Covid virus” and that’s why they called off their emergency?
        Or, is that fake news??

      • County:
        County buildings will require masks to enter.
        Employee choice to get vaxxed or not.
        Fully vaxxed will be asked to show proof or be treated like unvaxxed. (Another form of favoritism/segregation/exclusion)
        Vaxxed or unvaxxed have to wear masks. (No faith in the vaccine. Why get vaccinated?)
        Unvaxxed have to get tested each week.
        No travel on county expense for unvaxxed. (Special privileged only)
        Vaxxed and catch Covid…week’s leave. (Unvaxxed – not for you)
        In person meetings discouraged. (Nothing new, buildings less than 25% capacity now)

        Those who refuse will be subject to disciplinary policies. (Interesting. For a county that is supposed to be wanting to reduce the homelessness and unemployment they seem to dangle the “you’ll be terminated” if you don’t fall in line.)

        Question is… what happens when we reach the Foxtrot variant? Perhaps they’ll just call it the “FYou” variant.

  • Since Poe likes blowing so much, my hope is he’ll take up the moniker “Pole Piping Poe.” Then I hope he’ll lead all his lemmings off a cliff.

    That’s all I need to say about that…

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