Bouncer charged with felony battery


Luke Jensen Langsam, 23, was arrested yesterday and charged with felony battery after a warrant was issued based on a sworn complaint from December 2021.

The incident happened after midnight on December 12, 2021, at a bar at 1702 W. University Avenue, where Langsam was employed as a bouncer. Multiple witnesses and video evidence reportedly agreed that Langsam hit a patron of the club in the face several times with a closed fist, resulting in a fracture of the victim’s eye socket and several lacerations around his eyes. The investigating officer concluded that “it is apparent that [Langsam’s] actions were excessive and not necessary for the performance of his job.”

The charge of felony battery was officially filed by the State Attorney’s Office on May 6, along with a warrant for Langsam’s arrest. The charging document stated that Langsam caused “great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement” to the victim. The warrant specified $5,000 bail, but Judge James Colaw granted Langsam’s attorney’s motion to release him on his own recognizance. Langsam has no criminal history.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  • That’s hard to understand. Was he provoked or attacked by the victim first? If not then the bouncer likely has a history of violence himself. The GPD detective should dig deeper.

  • 1702 W. University Avenue gets vague so no business is known because Relish probably does not have bouncers. I will not adapt to these new mysteries. Cops and corporations in it together. Was there video showing anything? Was it white-on-black? Was it white-on-illegal-immigrant? How many more cover-ups to come?

  • If the crime happened “at a bar at 1702 W. University Avenue” on December 12, 2021, then future patrons should be empowered with the name of that bar

    Law Enforcement Community is concealing facts to the detriment of the general health of the local citzenry.

    • I’m sure this violence happened after 10pm & a drunk
      Was involved. No liquor after 10pm. No open container.
      A beer bottle makes a nice weapon and don’t throw them in my yard.

      • The city is complacent by providing an unhealthy &
        Dangerous environment where a bouncer is needed
        At the door because of possibly unruly behavior. This
        Has to be near Univ & 17th where that video cam
        Showed a brouhaha…shutdown midtown bars at 9pm.

        • They can use thier slogan again…” after 9pm midtown, stay at home & be a superhero”. It worked for Poe & co at the start of the scamdemic. It can be used now to control these ruffians..these drunk violent college aged protesters.

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