Chief Lonnie Scott’s statement on the injury of Terrell Bradley during apprehension

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – There has been heightened community interest in an incident that occurred on the evening of July 10th, which began with a traffic stop and ended with an injury of Mr. Terrell Bradley during an apprehension.

Let me begin by saying it is never the intent of our officers to injure anyone we encounter.

We understand that this incident has brought up many emotions and our neighbors have questions. We stand by our commitment to be fully transparent and share information as we are able. As indicated in our news release on July 16th, GPD’s policy and procedure require an initial response-to-resistance review when a person sustains injury due to apprehension by a police canine. This includes a review of all available reports, photographs, and body-worn and in-car camera footage. Due to the seriousness of the injuries sustained, I called for a review and thorough debriefing to be concluded within 7 to 10 days. I also advised that further information may be provided upon the conclusion of that review.

Based upon this effort, I have made the decision to temporarily remove the canine involved in this incident from service, as we assess the details of its deployment. Additionally, we will review the current canine deployment policy and solicit input from industry experts and present the policy to our neighbors.

I have also decided to extend the initial review to be completed by the Internal Affairs Division. Due to the volume of information to be reviewed, this process can take up to 90 days to complete. During this time, our agency will conduct an in-depth review of this incident by reviewing all resources available. Because of this factor, our department cannot share additional details of the incident until this review is completed.

Please know our ultimate commitment is to provide our neighbors and officers with an accurate accounting of this incident. Therefore, we ask for your patience as the investigation and related processes occur.

  • In a foot race…dog wins. Next thing you know the community idiots will be calling for no K-9 units in Gainesville.

    Mr. Bradley committed a crime and now has to pay the price. Shame he lost an eye but again, why try to run from the police?

    Tired of taxpayers having to foot the bills for criminals who get injured in the commission of a crime. I guess the saying “crime doesn’t pay” is a big lie. It depends on which law enforcement agency is sued.

    • Coddling criminals has been the mantra of GPD for over 20 years. You see it all the time, especially under Tony Jones. Appease the citizens and fault the officers. Its finally come home to roost. Look at all the crime, shootings, home invasions, drive bys and car jackings. Thats caused by a lack of proactive police work, not reactive which is what they have going on. Add to that a big shortage of officers, how can they keep tabs on criminals? GPD needs a total overhaul from an outside agency like FDLE. A thorough change in leadership with a pro-police attitude with a major anti-crime initiative. From what I have seen and read, the K-9 was deployed as it should be to apprehend a fleeing felon and a convicted felon who was armed. If the suspect complied with the initial officer and didnt run, he would never have sustained any injuries, period. Now because the community is up in arms, GPD is taking the dog off duty and conducting a major investigation and looking at changing the K-9 deployment policy. That is not how a law enforcement agency protects its citizens. Transparency yes. Appeasment of the citizens no.

      • I am sorry to hear that a man lost his eye. But I agree with your comment.

        • What would Lonnie be saying if that felon with a gun shot the cop? This is woke equity crap to appease BLM. To you felons out there: listen to
          Law enforcements’ commands or you may get hurt
          In your apprehension…don’t do the crime or you
          May get hurt and have to do the time.

  • Lmao won’t be much longer and law enforcement will be playing “mother may I” with criminals.

  • How exactly did Bradley lose his eye? Did he like it on a branch or did the K-9 do that? Regardless, schools and parents MUST keep reminding their dense children to obey the law, and the cops. We the people did not force you to get in trouble.

  • If the perp had not run away ,and just complied with the officers demands , nothing would have happened. You run you get what you deserve !

  • I’m guessing he tried to gouge the dog’s eye out. And the dog was like “I show you mutha-f****.” But we’ll find out eventually.

    • Gainesville Sun (2/5/2003): Kendall R. “Ken” Signore, a highly decorated police officer with Gainesville Police Department, died Sunday at Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville. He was 55.

      He received more than 150 commendations and declarations while serving with GPD, according to his family. He retired from GPD in 1995.

      • State Attorney’s Office sao8.org (2003): Officer Signore served GPD for 22 years before retiring in May 2000 and was recognized as the most decorated officer in GPD history.

    • Some dogs when attacked will respond back will more fury. If the poor lad tried to grab the dog around the neck or punch the dog that might explain his hand injury and face injury. Next time don’t run genius. You probably wont get hurt. You can protest your arrest and charges all you want in court. If you run or resist in any way it’s a crime no matter what. I don’t understand why people can not follow that simple Fitbit od advice. That’s what defense lawyers (Vipperman) should be preaching along with other public officials.

  • The dumb A$$ brought it all on himself he is a convicted felon he knew he was not to have a gun had one anyway he knows drugs are illegal that didn’t stop him he failed to obey a lawful order of a police officer now people thinks we should feel sorry for this dam idiot hell no he got exactly what he brought on himself his fraught and his alone

  • Why do you think they call this place Gangsville? Unscrupulous folks are drawn to plenty of opportunities and free meals, cots, and bus’s rides if they say they are homeless. Then punishments are light and bail easy, if you actually get arrested. Criminals flock to this place to be treated like they just need a little helping hand and free meals.

  • Gangsville….. Love it!
    So sad to see GNV & our formerly wonderful country on such a slippery slope… How many people have tried to warn us about the end times of America?
    So sad, so sad…

  • Hey Lonnie…what? You want the cops to just
    Let the criminals go? Between you and Kramer
    Dropping charges and RORing criminals you are
    Attracting even more criminals & vagrants than Grace

  • A Very dissapointing evaluation and decision by new GPD Leadership. When the Boss doesn’t have you back it endangers everyone. Another round of resignations soon to come.Of Course this is the COG Commisioners agenda .

  • Why no one talking about these clear colored people sexually assaulting little kids. All I see is white nasty low life trailer trashed azz white nasty mfers molesting little kids. They should be shanked and feed the the sharks. Yuck. That’s what need to be discussed !!

    • Your new police Cheif will let them go to0.Google Sheriff Brady Judd of Lakeland. He is Color Blind and has a backbone of steel.And of course upholds the Law unlike Gville.

      • Grady Judd. And yes, he needs to come here and straighten out GPD and ACSO.

    • lmao you must not read the local news often. ” trash azzed nasty black mfers “out here molesting kids too. Two in the last 2 days. they need to be shanked and fed to the sharks to.

      • You deleted your first comment. About black lives don’t matter.. that’s y I said that. And yes. They need to be also. But. I’m definitely not racist. I said you seem to be. And I guess I was right. Seems like you erased what you said before. Lol.

  • The dog is a hero. He went after the felon and apprehended him. The dog did his job and good for the dog. When will these people ever learn? Don’t run from the Police, much less Police with a K-9. Criminal got what he deserved.

  • While Law Enforcement’s job is to arrest people who commit crime it was never the intent of the police officer to cause this kind of injury why and how it happened needs to be investigated. It seems to me the press release is merely reflects an intelligent thoughtful approach. As to removing the dog from service if the officer’s car had malfunctioned and injured someone it would be taken out of service. This tirade that doing an investigation in some manner isn’t backing the police officer seems ridiculous let’s give the Chief a chance to have an investigation then evaluate the situation

    • The dog did not “malfunction” he did his job. Period. This is all on the felon who ran. The Officer and the dog did their jobs protecting us from people like this and I for one am proud of both of them.

    • If the Officers car malfunctioned it would be immediately replaced with another to do the intended job . The K-9’s job is to apprehend fleeing criminals , among other things , which it did . Yes , an investigation is appropriate , but support needs to be shown for the Officers , by their leaders . Coddling the segment of the population that is complaining does nothing positive .

  • All you need to know is who’s running the show in Gville. You see what liberal leadership has done to other cities run by Libs. Now….the chickens (criminals) have come out to roost in hopes of getting a big lawsuit when they willingly commit a crime and resist arrest. Time to pay up all you duck pond libs. You’ll pay with higher taxes AND getting your houses and cars broken into. Your virtual appearance of compassion will come back to haunt you.

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  • Its amazing how all of you justify these police tactics that results in injury, when it comes to people of color. However, you guys have no negative comments to the incident below:

    ALLEN, Ky. (WYMT) – Three officers and a K-9 were killed in Thursday’s shooting in Floyd County, according to officials.
    The shooting happened on Main Street Thursday evening in the Allen community.
    According to Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt, deputies were trying to serve a court-issued warrant in a domestic violence situation.
    We were told the suspect, 49-year-old Lance Storz from Allen, started shooting when officers arrived.Kentucky State Police (KSP) Troopers arrested Storz, and he was booked into jail just before 5 a.m. Friday.

    An arrest citation from Kentucky State Police said eight people were shot

    • One to have a comment about it it would need to be posted where we could read it

  • Simple bit of advice since lawyers and public officials can not say it or whatever reason. And that includes Police Chiefs. You can protest your arrest and criminal charges in court, or after making bail. However, YOU can not what so ever resist a officer in any way and that includes lying about your identity, running, or physically resisting. It’s that simple and easy to understand. If you resist expect additional charges. If you resist an officer or K9 expect to get hurt. If you get into a school yard first fight do you not expect to get hit. Same concept. I have never seen or heard of any officers in this county executing anyone. It may happen in other places but not here so why resist?

  • Have they interviewed the K-9? Does he get to tell his side of the story? Was he removed from service with or without pay?

  • Perhaps felons should not be breaking traffic laws and resisting arrest. Bradley’s actions caused his injuries to happen. Thr k9 officer did his job.

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