City autonomous bus catches fire


Updated with information from Gainesville Fire Rescue

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – An autonomous bus operated by the City of Gainesville caught fire Tuesday in a downtown parking garage. It was reportedly charging at the time.

Gainesville Fire Rescue responded to a report of the fire around 6:00 p.m., arrived within about 2.5 minutes, and had the fire out in another 2.5 minutes. They confirmed that the bus was charging at the time. The fire is under investigation.

Photos courtesy of Dusty Bailey

  • Hopefully it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. I guess it’s no longer ‘green’ after toxic fumes released into the air. The carbon footprint must have increased by at least a few shoe sizes.

  • After our idiot mayor’s comments yesterday about sending illegal immigrants to Gainesville, I’m fairly certain there’s a large population of Gainesville residents who were hoping this story would have been about his being on the bus.

    His ideologies are causing the city to go up in flames, shouldn’t it’s leaders go with it. Whatever happened to the captain goes down with the ship?

      • You should probably stop using Two Face’s given name. He is running for mayor and although many will know he’s a Pole guy, name recognition is the first thing the liberals look for in a candidate.
        Don’t want to give him any free press.

  • People need to wake up and fight for the truth about who really won Mayorship. Your Election was false. No cameras
    or accountability in the election office. DEMOCRATS made sure of that and made sure their People won

  • Those buses are worthless anyway, I have been behind them on sw 2nd ave and have seen old ladies pass them casually peddling their bicycles. I mean the bus only does 8mph. I hope they all go away, glad no one was on it so they cant sue the city and then they would cost MORE tax payer dollars 🙁

    • I haven’t seen any of those autonomous buses yet and now reading that one caught on fire:

      1. What does one of those autonomous buses cost?

      2. What routes do they do, Downtown to UF?

      3. What kind of ridership, are they driving around empty?

      4. Is there a recall on them for catching on fire when charging?

  • I think the real heroes of this story are the gainesville fire rescue firefighters. 5 minutes until fire is out is incredible response time. Way to go guys!!!

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