City of Gainesville announces Tom Petty Park improvements

Press release from City of Gainesville

Tennis Court Reconstruction
Reconstruction of the four tennis courts at Tom Petty Park will begin May 12. The courts were originally constructed in the 1970s and require a complete rebuild. Construction is anticipated to complete in early August. Nidy Sports Construction Company, Inc. will perform the work at a project cost of $158,245. The Tom Petty Park courts will be closed during construction. To find other tennis courts available in the area, please visit https://www.playtennisgainesville.com/

Path Improvements
Accessibility improvements at Tom Petty Park will take place on the path by the playground. This work will begin in June and is anticipated to take one week. The City’s Public Works Department will perform the work at a project cost of $2,600.

  • Wait a second! Wasn’t the city opposed to Tom Petty because of his prominent displays of the Confederate Flag?
    These liberals – don’t know if I ever recall a greater collective of hypocrites. They just want their hands in the money jar.

  • instead of a tennis court, build a bldg to teach kids about the horrible effects of alcohol & drug abuse.

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