City of Gainesville – Changes to upcoming meetings, workshops

Press release from City of Gainesville

Following recent social media announcements that Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe, Commissioner David Arreola, and Commissioner Harvey Ward have all tested positive for COVID-19, Interim City Manager Cynthia Curry issued this statement:

With the most recent COVID-19 data for our community showing a rising number of cases, we are postponing several upcoming meetings and events to help ensure the health and safety of our neighbors. 

Two Gainesville City Commission special meetings originally scheduled on Monday, May 16, to discuss the Gainesville Regional Utilities budget have been postponed. Please visit our Notice of Meetings webpage for a current calendar of public meetings. In addition, two upcoming affordable housing workshops (May 17 and 21) have been rescheduled for early June. We’ll have more information about these changes on our website soon. 

As always, we recommend following the CDC’s COVID-19 prevention strategies including: wearing masks, practicing social distancing and good hygiene, and most importantly, getting vaccinated and boosted. We encourage all neighbors who feel unwell to get tested and contact their healthcare providers for treatment options. We are all weary in this third year of the pandemic but let’s remember we are a resilient community. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other. Stay safe.

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