Community recommendations to increase immigrant inclusion and safety to be unveiled

Press release from City of Gainesville

City of Gainesville and community leaders invite all neighbors to the presentation of the Gainesville Immigrant Neighbor Inclusion (GINI) 2022 Immigrant Inclusion Blueprint.

The document includes goals and recommendations to build a more inclusive, accessible, and welcoming community for all Gainesville immigrant neighbors. Speakers include Mayor Lauren Poe, County Commission Chair Marihelen Wheeler, and members of the GINI steering committee.

When: 3 p.m., Tuesday, March 29
Where: Matheson History Museum, 513 East University Ave.

Blueprint goals include steps toward building safe, engaged, and healthy communities; equitable education; and equitable access for immigrant neighbors.

The framework is the result of collaborative efforts between the City, members of the GINI steering committee, and community members following the receipt of two 2020 grant awards from Gateways for Growth, a joint initiative of the American Immigration Council and Welcoming America. The City was one of only 10 communities nationwide selected to receive both technical assistance and economic research grants to support immigrant advocacy at the local level.

Copies of the Blueprint and an executive summary will be available at the event and will be posted online at GainesvilleImmigrantNeighbor.org following the event. The Blueprint will be available in English and Spanish, with the summary available in six languages.

The event is free and open to the public but seating is limited; neighbors are encouraged to register in advance through this link. (Overflow parking is available across East University Avenue next to the school district offices.)

Neighbors who prefer to attend virtually may access the event via this Zoom link. The event will be livestreamed on the Matheson’s Facebook page and will air in rotation on Cox Cable Channel 12.
To help ensure public health and safety, neighbors are asked to practice social distancing at the event.

  • Will someone please tell me what member of the immigrant community is being unlawfully discriminated against? Better yet, please inform law enforcement… it’s already addressed in the Constitution of the United States and it’s accompanying Bill of Rights.

    If the City and County Commissions would do their homework, they would know that.

  • Tell them not to get to comfy as the next President will likely send them back. Don’t bother learning English.

  • Gainesville is an open-air New World Order Laboratory featuring corporate-sponsored tyranny, governmental malfeasance, and mass experimentation on the citizens. Step right up and see the latest developments in the Technocratic Scientism Mind Prison!

  • They want more gumment dependency for their NGO golden parachute funding. The best way to achieve that long term? Invite the most vulnerable to come and stay in a college town, where they have no chance of competing for housing and jobs vs. students who know English and show up on time. So, the poor souls fall into sex trafficking, domestic abuse, illegal drugs…. another feeding frenzy for GRACE, lawyers and judges, too. Go to another, non-college town instead!!

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