Cox to bring high-speed internet to more communities in Central Florida

Press release from Cox Communications

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Cox high-speed broadband service will be available for the first time in rural, unserved areas of Alachua, Gilchrist, Marion, and Putnam counties, thanks to funding through the Florida Broadband Opportunity Program. In a public-private partnership created to narrow the digital divide, Cox will be investing more than $20 million of its own capital in addition to the $16 million of state grant funds to build an all-fiber network for nearly 7,000 hard-to-reach, unserved homes.

“Connectivity is at the heart of everything we do,” said Aimee Pfannenstiel, market vice president of Cox Central Florida. “Our local team has been focused on providing the most powerful high-speed internet to underserved and unserved communities across our state. We thank the state of Florida for providing and administering a transparent competitive bidding process and for putting their confidence in Cox to bring important services to our neighbors in these communities.”

Cox was selected to receive the state funding following an in-depth application process that lasted several months.

Cox will soon begin engineering, construction design, and necessary permitting for this fiber-based network and will be working with local, state, and federal agencies to obtain necessary approvals and agreements. Once completed, the new infrastructure will be capable of providing speeds greater than one gigabit.

Building upon its longstanding efforts to bridge the digital divide, Cox has committed more than $400 million to expand its footprint to reach underserved and rural communities across the country. This effort is part of a broader multibillion-dollar annual infrastructure investment over the next several years to deliver a 10 gigabit-capable, fiber-based network that will power the next generation of internet users. 

With this network expansion, more families in rural areas of Central Florida will have access to Cox digital equity programs, Connect2Compete and ConnectAssist, that make access to broadband affordable.  Both programs are available to qualifying low-income households and provide access to necessary equipment, digital training, and cyber protections, along with a low-priced, 100 MBPS broadband connection.  Cox is also a participant in the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program, which enables qualified households to lower their broadband bills by $30 per month and $75 per month in Tribal Lands, allowing many customers under Cox’s digital equity programs to receive free broadband service. 

Cox delivers value beyond superior internet and entertainment services in the communities it serves. A recent economic impact assessment of the company’s operating, capital project, and social investment data indicates that in Central Florida, Cox’s recurring operations support more than $280 million in economic output, including more than $10.5 million in wage and salary payments. Cox also generates over $12.6 million annually in state and local tax contributions.  

  • And nearly bankrupt city of Gainesville with tremendous debt, highest utility rates in Fl, and soaring property taxes was going to build their own free internet for all poor and sell it to the rest. An idiotic idea push by lying hates-Santos the minority wannabe impersonator and loved by Po boy. All taxpayers and GRU ratepayers would have eaten the millions in cost just to see it die. NEVER let that dishonest nut-job work anywhere near pubic funds again.

  • We would be thrilled for better Internet speeds out in North Alchua. No idea when this will break ground or be available. Will gladly pay for it. Our Internet today is so feeble with 3MB speeds we can barely stream tv or send an email attachment.

  • It would be great if they specified what rural areas this will happen in. One of them better be east Hawthorne off of Holden Park Rd outside the city limits of Hawthorne. I am over 60 and cannot afford the price for internet that Hughes Network wants. I work for a living and have to pay the exorbitant property taxes in Alachua County and the overpriced home owners insurance that the thieving insurance companies charge. I should not have to be on welfare, food stamps or Medicaid in order to access these type of programs.

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