Eagle-Glenn enters County race

Raemi Eagle-Glenn

Press release from Eagle-Glenn for Alachua County

Local Attorney and UF Levin Law alum Raemi Eagle-Glenn announces her candidacy for Alachua County District Seat One. Eagle-Glenn wants ALL voters of Alachua County to know they have other options. She is confident a balance between protecting the environment and fostering economic growth can be found.

She has a wealth of sweat equity experience for voters to lean into: spending countless weeks in the Cypress Tree swamps of south Florida classifying wetlands and combing the halls of Tallahassee working alongside Governor Crist. She helped with legislation reducing algae blooms and creating conservation land set-asides. She donated hundreds of pro bono hours for criminal justice reform, securing a historical grant of clemency from President Obama for an elderly man who spent decades in prison for a non-violent offense.

No stranger to politics nor the attacks that come with it, she embraces the positive and the negative. Eagle-Glenn serves as the current Republican State Committeewoman for Alachua County and does not apologize for her conservative roots, defending herself with a fiery, often critical and blunt style.

Alachua County voters have waited a long time for someone like her. Someone who finally has the right answers to environmental issues, the second amendment, justice reform, family values, and entrepreneurship. That’s a winning combination for Alachua County.

  • 2020 General Election Day: November 3, 2020

    On the Ballot: Alachua County Commission: District 1 (incumbent Mike Byerly), District 3 (incumbent Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson), District 5 (incumbent Charles “Chuck” Chestnut, IV)

    Come on good hearts and minds of Alachua County! Vote these Incumbent Tyrants out of office and give them consequences for their bad actions!

      • Oh, cool! Is there another tyrant looming in District 3? (Strange how all 5 Districts out of Alachua County’s 969 square miles were drawn up to include part of Gainesville City Limits. Gerrymandering?)

      • Mike Byerly has quit dragging his feet and according to the SOE has finally filed to run again.

    • Its time they go.. Both City and County.. At least on the county side there is a chance..

  • Gainesville Sun (10/23/19):

    The qualifying deadline is noon on June 12, 2020.

    District 3

    Three people have filed as Democrats to run in the District 3 seat, a district with boundaries that extend west of Southwest 13th Street and covers much of Newberry.

    Trisha Roy, 48, is a real estate broker and owner of the Open Spaces International agency in Newberry. She was born in India and moved to Newberry in 2005. The race is Roy’s first time running for political office, though she serves on both the county’s Code Enforcement Board and the Economic Development Committee.

    Roy said her priorities include encouraging sustainable growth in the county, a belief she says comes from her experience as a small business owner and her educational background in ecology.

    “We need our cities to grow because we need better services,” she said. “This we can do this and not have it come at the cost of the environment.”

    William Jason Stanford, 43, is a history teacher at Hawthorne Middle/High School who previously worked within state and federal government offices for 20 years.

    His stint in government includes working at the Division of Public Health in Georgia, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington D.C. This is his first time running for office.

    Stanford, a native to Alachua County, said climate change is his priority. More specifically, how North Central Florida can prepare for its effects.

    “North Florida is in a unique position in that climate change is going to affect us in ways we may not think about,” he said. Human migration being one of them, he noted.

    “I have a sense for how we prepare for that since I’ve worked in state and federal government, and we used to give resources to local governments.”

    Anna Prizzia, 42, is the founder and director of the Field & Fork Program at the University of Florida. She worked for 15 years in food system efforts and co-founded the nonprofit Working Food, based in North Central Florida.

    She said her main focus will be on improving local water quality, regional planning and supporting the local economy.

    “I’ve seen how important our local governments are so that our community has access to resources,” she said.

    • Sounds like these three are bound to be interested more in the rights of rocks and trees than residents.

        • Yep. Deceivers & Agenda 21 communists. Everyone wants to save the planet, right? The devil knows this…it’s his plan to make Hell on earth.

  • Eagle-Glenn made an attempt to stand up to the local tyranny already. She may be the best “normal” candidate out there.

    • Hmmmm. Not all environmentalists are the same…
      Does she support Agenda 21? Will her oath be to
      The US Constitution or the UN constitution? UN
      Wants to take some inalienable rights away like our
      2nd Amendment…what’s her position on the right to
      Bear arms? Does anyone know the answers to these questions?
      I like what I see and hear but don’t want to be deceived.
      So far it looks like she’s getting my vote…I just want to
      Know if I’m getting another oath breaker again…

  • Jen and Len are usually fairly good at getting out the news. Yet they are silent on the biggest issue of Alachua County in 159 years. TV20 scooped them a couple days ago. Seems some ultra radical conservative folks in Newberry want to take their ball and go home like petulant little Trumpkins throwing a temper tantrum. Because secession worked out so well for their cracker grandpa in 1861, they want to secede western Alachua County into a new county called Springs County. No, the date is not April 1 and I am not making this up. These hayseeds could not convince the Charter Review Commission to create a rural Republican redneck single member district on the County Commission so they could get a Republican elected (despite dozens of attempts) and they cannot play well with others. Since they cannot get their way, they want to hit the highway. They cannot use logic or reason to convince the “liberal” voters in Gainesville to vote for their Republican Agenda, because it is a failed agenda, and educated college students are too smart to vote for their Agenda, despite the miseducation attempts of a few windbag racist perfessors and their cattle farm pudcasts with unlimited supply of Alachua city raised bull manure. Their solution is to secede to a new county where May 28 (John Birch’s Birthday), in addition to January 19, will be celebrated as a National Holiday, and every pickumup truck will be required to have a gun rack and Confederate flag in the back window (available at the gun store in Newberry, the new county seat of Springs County). Ye haaaaaa. Conservative Utopia right here on Earth. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. A county government run by fascist Republicans will make you long for the days of benign dictator Hutch running your life. Good luck Ms. Eagle-Green.

    • There are ultra leanings on both sides…the difference is the left continues to make every attempt at silencing the right. Don’t think so, see King Poe’s prior statements and the steps he continues to take in silencing the voices speaking out.
      There is no equitable representation for the rural areas of the county. If you had lived here for a while you would know that. The sad part is that many of you left wing idiots come to Florida to escape your elected oppressors in far left leaning counties and states and have neither the common sense or memory to realize that you moved here to escape the high taxes and misrepresentation. You come here and it’s your scorched earth mentality that continues to cause damage to this country. You created the problems in your previous residence, fix that instead of ruining what lifelong members of these communities have come to call home. As far as your highly educated college kids who know better…the same ones who want to escape south Florida because they are tired of their moms telling them to make their beds. I can teach any child that has discipline and respect for their parents. What can’t be taught is a child that has no respect for authority.
      One day, when the manure hits the fan, you’ll be hoping the neighbor next to you is a God fearing, 2nd amendment right believing redneck.

      • Please explain to us what “There is no equitable representation for the rural areas of the county” means.

        Some claim the County government is dominated politically by Gainesville voters. They claim the rural dwellers are not “represented” on the current commission. Nice 10th grade Civics rhetoric, but these people give no hard facts of how the rural folks are not represented now, how a rural rep would improve the county, and what legislation the new rural rep would propose that is not being currently considered. Just a blanket claim of “We need more rural representation” with no backup.

        If you cannot give specific examples of why a “rural representative” is needed then there is no pressing need for one and it is just a buzz word for “Alachua County Republicans are Trumpkin level bitter they cannot get anyone elected to the County Commission” and a gerrymandered “rural district” is the standard Republican playbook to have their minority party steal undeserved power.

        Convince us what this “rural rep” will do. Thank you in advance.

        • Their voices are silenced and impeded, just ask the current Charter Review Commission chair. It is a well known fact that the current commission is dominated by the city. That is unless you are blinded by your own political bias.
          It is however nice that you are at least able to read at a 10th grade level and are to be commended. I still feel that individuals such as yourself should move back to your previously mentioned self-imposed tyrannical rule rather than bringing your “people ruled by the government” idealogy with you. A person who has worked, earned, bled for their property should not have a bunch of environmentalists telling them what they are allowed to do with their property.
          You have proven, by your own words, just how politically biased you are.
          Almost forgot…you are quite welcome.

          • I simply asked you to explain your position. You either will not or can not. Don’t say “go ask (third party”, no, I asked YOU. Deflection is not an answer. “It is a well know fact” is not an explanation, just evidence that you have a preconceived notion or bias and cannot explain your position.
            One last try. What would a “rural representative” do DIFFERENTLY if seated on the county commission? If you cannot explain other than “go back where you came from” then you have no position, just bitterness that the Republican Conservative(sic) Agenda is rotten and the County voters will not fall for it. All you have explained is you hate “outsiders” and “bunches of environmentalists.” I’ll put you down for “supports limited moving and inbreeding,” and “loves to live in pollution and filth.” Well that’s a start at understanding what your Hayseed Utopia would look like. Sounds like West Virginia. Without the pretty hills.

  • For O.W.Douglas…the current chair for the charter commission tables items that citizens would like to be brought to the county commission. If you were not so out of touch, you would know that – even with your 10th grade education. Once again, you have exemplified not only your political bias but the bias that exists in this country.
    Since your ignorance provides you with a sense of
    “bliss,” a representative that truly represents the rural communities would be more in touch with their constituents and see that their voices are at least heard. My position is that people like you, come to communities and do nothing to improve them. You are like a swarm of locusts that feeds on the life of an existing environment and then you leave to destroy the next. I don’t hate
    “outsiders” in the way you hate “conservatives.”
    What I hate is the effect many of you liberals bring into a community. Think that’s an incorrect conclusion? Why is it that your “utopian liberal”
    communities reek with crime? Why can they not balance their budget? Why do they always seek to place blame on others? Why didn’t you choose to be the change in your last community? As a lifelong resident of Alachua county, specifically the city of Gainesville, has not until recently started to devolve into a city of filth. That is what the liberal leadership has brought us.
    You should just man up and be happy that people like me are the type who provided you with the right to speak out…no matter how vitriol your words.

  • Dear missingthetruth2020: I normally do not have a war of wits with an unarmed opponent, but it’s raining, so here goes.
    1. Why do you assume I am an outsider? Is it because you assume everyone born and raised here has inherited the “conservative et up with the redneck gene” and you all groupthink as one? What if I am a local and not a Yankee carpetbagger? Then what? Your preconceived notions would be wrong. Your head might ‘splode?
    2. For the record, I think the County Commission stinks. See, we agree on something.
    3. For the record, I think the Gainesville City Commission stinks worse. The majority may be listed as “Democrats” but they are acting more like old school Republicans, especially with their oppression of citizen comments and such.
    4. However, I see nothing offered by the Republicans that would make things better if they were to be elected to run things. I do not hate “conservatives” I hate hypocrites, and most Republicans and self proclaimed “conservatives” I have ever met are hypocrites first and foremost. If a Republican wants to get elected they need more of a message than “My name is not Hutch or Byerly.” That is not a viable platform. Don’t tell me who you are not, tell me who you are.
    5. Why do you assume I am a “liberal”? Just because I do not goosestep to the failed Republican conservative Agenda? That makes me an independent free thinker, but not necessarily a “liberal.”
    6. I am be durn proud of my 10th grade education. I know you and your cousin Jethro are so jealous of folks like me with our higher educational achievements, but you seem to be able to post on this forum even with your fifth grade education. Remember, Trump loves the poorly educated and I can see the yuge river of love flowing from the White House to your house. (Sad note: the river is polluted, because bunches of environmentalists were unable to keep the Koch Brothers from polluting it.)
    7. So you want a rural county commission district. Help us out here. Draw one. I’m serious. Draw one. Describe to us WHERE this district would be, what parts of the County will it include. A map would be great, but a verbal description would be OK if detailed enough. Remember, this district MUST comply with Florida Statute 124.01. We await your drawing. (Spoiler hint: it cannot be done, but try anyway.) We’re waiting. . .

  • What the above press release political ad left out.
    Eagle-Glenn is the attorney suing the County Commission over the face mask ordinance. Is she doing it because she is for people’s rights like a libertarian bent Republican would?
    Oh, wait, she is suing her political opponent Mike Byerly. Is this lawsuit a political stunt to make her opponent look bad five months before an election? Hmmm. . .would a Florida politician do such a thing?
    Oh, wait. Read the suit.
    “WHEREFORE, The Plaintiffs ask this Court to enter declaratory and injunctive
    relief, compensatory damages in the amount of $100,000.00, attorneys fees and cost
    pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1988(b), and other remedies this Court deems just and
    proper. ”
    $100K plus her fees. Sue the deep pockets of the taxpayers. Is she just another ambulance chasing “sue everyone if it makes a buck” lawyer? Moregain and Moregain got nothing on her. Ka-ching free money.
    Lucky for me I live in Western Alachua County. Soon I will be living in the new Whites(only)Springs County and be rid of the Alachua County liburl government. Can’t wait. Got my updated MAGA hat on order already, celebrating the new Conservative Republican American Paradise county.

    • Good for you but once again you display your ignorance. There are a great deal of African-Americans who live and work in western Alachua county. Instead of drumming up fear and untruths why don’t you get out and meet some of the true life-long residents. Until then, please just spare us your stupidity.

      • I wasted an hour watching the June 4 Zoom cast by the Springs people. I did not see any of that western Alachua County diversity you refer to. In fact, that Zoom meeting looked as diverse as my cotton field at harvest time. Almost everyone at the meeting either worked for the government or was a real estate salesman. Lotsa diversity there.

        • Once again you just can not hide your ignorance. There isn’t a single field of cotton in Alachua county. You really need to get out more and stop hiding in your closet. Don’t be afraid of the diversity in society. You may even learn a thing or two which would definitely be to your benefit.That’s just what the libs want you to keep doing…that and being stupid. It plays right into their hands.
          One day when you’re all grown up and are able to see the real world and stop insisting that…
          Nevermind, you just can’t teach or reason with an idiot.

          • Thank you for sharing your vast and broad agricultural knowledge regarding crop planting acreages. How could we get along without you? Are you available to be hired as the Springs County Agricultural Agent? They sure could use someone like you. Is that your cow on the county seal?

            I have a dream. Kinda like the Springs County folks have a secessionist dream. So I sing the first line of the Springs County National Anthem. “I wish I was in the land of cotton. . .”

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