Emergency Medical Services Week

Press release from Alachua County

Alachua County Fire Rescue (ACFR) is proud to announce that May 17 through May 23 is Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week. This tradition was started 46 years ago by President Gerald Ford as a way to recognize the selfless work that first responders provide. As an agency, ACFR has had many accomplishments in EMS over the last year, including the addition of a new rescue unit to supplement the east side of the County, as well as clinical trials to help improve the viability of someone who has suffered a heart attack. These advancements and others would not be possible without healthcare workers who are providing this medical service, 365 days a year.

This year, ACFR would like to recognize the Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who deliver compassionate service to the community. In FY 2019, ACFR ran a total of 41,573 medical incidents for service. Of those medical calls, 32,507 were transported to the hospital.

ACFR comprises 14 rescue units, five critical care rescue units, nine fire engines, one ladder truck, and one heavy duty squad. All of these units are Advanced Life Support (ALS), which means they are staffed with at least one Paramedic, and all others are at least EMTs. Through their hard work and dedication, ACFR continues to provide superior service to the citizens and visitors of Alachua County.

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, ACFR staff are working side by side with local hospitals to continue quality care, while also providing additional precautions and protection to treat those infected and to prevent the spread of the virus. Each crew member utilizes CDC guidelines for levels of protection for themselves and the patients. The trucks and equipment are thoroughly cleaned after every call and are safe. If anyone is experiencing a medical emergency, they can rest assured that they will receive compassionate service from our EMS professionals in a clean environment.