FDLE sends report with probable cause for 10 Alachua County voter fraud cases to State Attorney Kramer


On Thursday, February 3, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) sent a report with the results of their investigation into voter fraud in Alachua County to 8th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Brian Kramer. Kramer has confirmed that there are ten criminal cases in the report; he is now assigning them to assistant state attorneys, who will make the charging decisions.

More information about the cases will be available when the State Attorney’s office drops the case, when his office answers discovery to the defendant, or when they “otherwise determine that the ‘investigative’ exemption no longer applies.”

On June 29, 2021, FDLE Crime Intelligence Analyst Madeline Nicholl sent a public records request to the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections, asking for certified copies of Alachua County Voter Registration forms for 31 voters. Of the 31, 18 are ineligible inmates that were discussed in our earlier report, and the other 13 are felons who are ineligible to vote, including a sex offender and a federal inmate.

On July 16, 2021, Nicholl sent a second public records request asking for “All emails associated with amendment 4 voter registration, inmate and felon registrations, Jail Outreach services, or any emails relating to the Alachua county jail sent or received by” former Elections Outreach Director T.J. Pyche or Supervisor of Elections Kim Barton, from January 1, 2020, through the date of the request.

The second request from FDLE appears to be related to Pyche’s trips to the Alachua County Jail on three dates in 2020 when he registered at least 9 inmates who later voted while they were ineligible to vote under Florida law. Pyche resigned from his $64,118 salary position on June 24, 2021, effective July 9, 2021, shortly after the FDLE investigation began.

  • WTF is going on? Just because you don’t agree with a law doesn’t mean a gov’t worker — civil servants — don’t have to obey it. We do not want ballot harvesting of any kind. Especially of convicted felons. Who’s next, non-citizens and illegal aliens?? I’m sure the 3% ruling class wants that, too.

  • Would pay good money to know who came up with the brilliant idea to register inmates, many if not most of whom, are not eligible to vote.

    Are they doing this now?

  • The results of the election have been certified so before people get their panties in a wad – just be content that improprieties have been discovered and are still being investigated. That being said, the former employee did work under the purview of the Supervisor of Elections and although the Supervisor is not responsible for alleged illegal activities, she is accountable.
    Short version…9 votes didn’t change the results so let’s hope any deficiencies can be corrected before the next election cycle.

  • Kim Barton has no consequences for this issue nor the Diyonne McGraw issue? What else is hiding behind the Kim Barton curtain?

  • If they found 9, there must be 900 or more fraudulent ballots. A yes the could have been the difference in some races!

  • What about the other employees that have left? I see three new job postings on the Alachua County website. Why is no one reporting about the high employee turnover in that office?

    • This is the third Outreach Director hired since Kim Barton was elected. I wonder how long this one will last. It’s known that working for her sucks.

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