FHP conducting Operation HEAT on I-75

Press release from Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and Florida Highway Patrol

Starting Monday, November 15, the Florida HighwayPatrol will begin a Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic (H.E.A.T.) detail on Interstate 75 in Alachua, Columbia, and Marion Counties. The goal of this four-day operation is high-visibility patrol with a focus on reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities; caused by unlawful speed, following too closely, and other hazardous moving violations. For additional information about this operation, please contact PatrickRiordan@FLHSMV.gov .

Motorists are reminded to dial *FHP (*347) from a cell phone to report an aggressive driver or to request roadside assistance.

  • MORE COLLATERAL DEATH AND INJURY RELATED TO COVID LOCKDOWNS – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said in a statement on Thursday that around 20,160 traffic deaths were recorded in the first half of 2021. This represented an 18.4 percent increase compared to the same time frame in 2020, while the amount of driving only increased by 13 percent. – The administration attributed this increase in fatalities to a spike in unsafe driving practices as Americans emerged from COVID lockdowns. – https://www.newsweek.com/traffic-deaths-worst-15-years-unsafe-driving-spikes-after-lockdown-1643982

  • Instead of the alleged “racial profiling,” they should focus on the people who are driving while distracted…READ – texting or using apps while driving.

    Stop avoiding the real issue. Look around and open your eyes. It’s everywhere. I could write 20 tickets a day without a problem. Need help? The people being killed by distracted drivers do.

    Time to stop blaming something else.

  • Seems like there‚Äôs a lot more traffic out there at
    All hours and on rural roads too…must be people
    Relocating here from blue states with strict Covid rules….

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