Florida Attorney General: School districts must comply with rules “unless and until the judiciary declares them invalid”

File photo: Ashley Moody

Press release from Florida Department of Education

Today, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody issued an advisory opinion in response to an inquiry from the Suwannee County School District as to whether the district could legally depart from state law and emergency rule to mandate masks in schools. The Attorney General found “it is my opinion that the District must comply with Rule 64DER21-12 and any other applicable authorities unless and until the judiciary declares them invalid.”

The judiciary has not declared the rule to be invalid, and as such, this advisory opinion clearly states that multiple school districts are breaking the law by violating parents’ rights. Today, the Department is urging every school district that has mandated masks without an opt out to promptly change its policies and comply with Florida’s rules and laws.

You can read the full advisory opinion here.

  • If school boards are claiming local rule and sovereignty over state law then they are obligated to respect the parents who claim the ultimate personal sovereignty over mandates regardless the State judiciary opinion.

  • Harold is right on! But let’s assume another approach to identifying children that have Covid on a daily basis.

    Why not just take a temperature reading upon entry into school? It’s seems to work at all medical facilities in our county.

    Just saying!

    • Kids that are not feeling well stay home and the parents can just feel their foreheads. No need for
      Gestapo.—-Jerry, Dude, relax. —Release the need to
      Control!….the parents got this!

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