Ft. Clarke Middle School student arrested for bringing loaded handgun to school

Press release from Alachua County Sheriff

Fifteen-year-old Fort Clarke Middle School student Jaylan Hillman was arrested today after bringing a fully-loaded and charged handgun to school. The gun belonged to Hillman’s mother, and he took the firearm without her knowledge.

Hillman was arrested and transported to the Juvenile Detention Center. He is charged with the following delinquent acts: Grand Theft of a Firearm, Possession of a Weapon on School Grounds, and Burglary of a Conveyance.

  • I love these:
    “a fully-loaded” – as if it would matter if it was ‘partially loaded’ or unloaded. What if it was two clips (actually magazines) that were each 1/2 loaded? And since it was ‘charged’ I guess they plugged it in the night before?

  • Probably another case of the root cause being something as simple as not being the sharpest tool in the shed. We don’t need to consult a psychic or Jordan Peterson to figure out why.

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