Gainesville firefighters vote no-confidence in Mayor Lauren Poe

Press release from Gainesville Professional Firefighters, Inc.

Gainesville Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 2157, has voted no-confidence in Mayor Lauren Poe. As public servants of Gainesville, we have witnessed years of mismanagement under Mayor Poe’s tenure. For far too long, we have focused only on the issues that directly affected the fire department, and we have remained silent on the other day-to-day issues. However, we can no longer stay silent while the Mayor threatens the safety and livelihoods of our members and other City employees.

The Mayor has bred dysfunctional culture within our city’s government, which peaked in the last six months. The city commission, charter officers, and the City government as a whole are in complete disarray. Moreover, the City is facing a major lawsuit involving members from all 7 of the bargaining units that represent City employees as well as unrepresented employees. The bargaining units are also pursuing the City for unfair labor practices due to their refusal to negotiate mandatory subjects of collective bargaining and subsequent lawsuits. In addition, several state and federal officials are scrutinizing the City’s every move, and the Governor himself is threatening fines that could easily exceed 10 million dollars. All are a direct result of the Mayor operating strictly on emotion while in an information vacuum. He has attempted to run the City from the dais instead of through his charters and department heads. 

While Mayor Poe may not be personally to blame for every single problem, he is the Mayor of this city, and accountability ultimately rests with him. Furthermore, Mayor Poe has sworn an oath to “support, honor, defend, and protect both the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Florida.” Unfortunately, he is no longer honoring his oath, and we do not believe that the city can move forward under his leadership. Therefore, for the good of the citizens of this city, we are calling for his resignation.

  • People driven by their delusions of grandeur don’t generally admit failure and resign. Besides, he thinks he’s the Antifa mayor, ‘occupying’ the dais. We can only hope he resigns…

    • I think you’re right, he won’t relinquish his grandiose visions of himself moving on to higher office and saving the people. Has billed himself as an Economics Professor but only has a history degree and teaches high schoolers who happen to take a weak dual credit course. He’s far from knowledgeable on any single area except raising job killing taxes, fees and utility rates to waste on pet green projects the community doesn’t want. March on City Hall now demanding his resignation!!!

      • Tell him (Napoleon PO) to take Ward and Hayes along with him out the door and finally get rid of these lying, hypocritical failures who have already locked us in to five years of higher taxes and rate increases.

  • He’s attacking first responders now with his tyrannical emergency orders and mandates. I hope he does the right thing and resigns.

    • Doubt that will happen. He’s already been forced to resign on cake job. If he leaves this one he may actually have to work.

  • The silver lining in this COG meltdown is that Poe’s congressional aspirations have been dealt a fatal blow.
    His glare at Commissioner Johnson over his mask says it all.

  • Poe it is tome for you to leave. There are mot enough words to describe how I feel about your poor performance.

  • From information some have received is the City Manager,Attorney,EOC Director and the Manager of GRU all resigned.
    If this is true the City of Gainesville Crisis is much more than a Labor Management issue.

  • Why was there no disciplinary action for the commissioner that disgustingly disrespected city employees by so arrogantly flipped her middle finger to them just for being present at an important meeting to discuss the mandate issue

    • You’ve probably heard this before, ” do as I say, not as I do.”

      It the king she blows to, I mean bows to.. it’s what he lives by.

    • Yeah. I will not comply with a mask order if the city
      Brings one after the county’s expires…what are they going to
      Do to me?… Right back at you with the finger Saco,
      And to you too Poe, & the rest of you commies on the CC… you can
      Put your mask, Vax, & your great reset you know where.

  • I’ve been waiting along time for that. The Mayor has failed in so many ways. It’s been time for change.

  • Resign would be great but he walks away protected from the damage and cost to the taxpayers. Government officials should be held liable, just like doctors and other professionals,for their mistakes.

    • That’s an interesting concept…making gov officials liable for their mistakes…I can go with that…but who decides?
      The courts are crooked too..

  • We shouldn’t look to politicians for moral leadership, but we should for our healthcare, Dems?? LOL

  • Why is this corrupt goon still in office. He has presided over one of the biggest meltdowns in state history! INSIST that he be removed now. Follow Maxine Waters advice and make noise, wave signs and make a legal stand. Get rid of Poe!

    • he’s good @ 1 thing! getting elected despite his endless trail of blunders starting with bio-mess & now 7% GRU & tax increases!
      He’s damaged Gainesville financially almost beyond repair! He’s a poster-boy for Dunning-Kruger Effect!
      He was elected by about 9% of voters! Hopefully putting city elections on normal November ballot will end the regin-of-terror by Poe & cabal!

      • He’s also good at being a pansy-ass, chicken crap, poor excuse of a man. I predict within 3 years of his leaving city hall, his wife will discover the same and “resign” from her position.

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