GPD announces Gun Violence Prevention Initiative

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Gainesville Police Department shares its concerns with the community regarding the significant increase in violence (homicides, shootings, and gun-related crimes) within the City of Gainesville. We are committed to combating the harm or fear of harm to our neighbors as a result of gun violence.

The Gainesville Police Department will deploy agency resources while working with the community and other agencies to ensure all neighbors feel safe in our city. Our goal is to identify individuals with a high propensity for committing gun-related violence or those who may be at risk of becoming victims of said violence and, ultimately, to reduce incidents of gun violence. This will be accomplished through thorough data collection and analysis, which will result in precise, intelligence-driven policing tactics. Included in these tactics will be selective enforcement and intervention practices, all aimed at reducing gun violence. Additionally, members of the initiative will contact various neighbors in the identified areas to educate them about our efforts and solicit feedback.

The goal of this initiative is to reduce incidents of gun-related violence in the City of Gainesville. GPD urges our neighbors to report all instances of gun violence and proposed violence observed on social media. We encourage anyone who is being victimized to report it to law enforcement by calling “911” or calling Lt. J. Robinson at 352-642-5823. To seek program services assistance from the Alachua County Victim Services, please call 352-264-6760.

  • Please add stop and frisk this has been known to be a very effective method gun owners who are legally carrying have no reason to fear it or be against it i personally have been stopped asked for my ID when a officer saw my gun printing about 10 years ago in Clearwater Fl it was less than 5 minutes will be happy to to do it again knowing the next person they stop be not be legal with that the candy A$$ judges and the DAs here will need to in force the laws on the books and the city Council and county commissioners will need to support local law enforcement for doing this
    Or shut the F-UP about gun violence

  • It’s great that GPD is doing this initiative. But is the state attorney’s office on board with it & gonna do THEIR part? Like better prosecutions for gun violence & less “sweetheart deals?” And what about the judges? Anybody schooled Walter Green about letting everybody go? Maybe city commission, with all the criminal pandering and police defunding?
    Hopefully, and hopefully this task force serves its purpose well. Gainesville definitely needs it. Best of luck to them!

  • “This will be accomplished through thorough data collection and analysis, which will result in precise, intelligence-driven policing tactics. *INCLUDED IN THESE TACTICS WILL BE SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT AND INTERVENTION PRACTICES*, all aimed at reducing gun violence.”
    Best have legal counsel ready, I can see this causing major legal troubles.

    From the looks of things Gainesville is on it’s way to becoming a police state. That’s what progressive liberals want – an unobjectionable obedience from those who fall under their jurisdiction.

    • I’m thinking you’re misinterpreting the ‘selective’ part. Most of the gun violence problems in Gainesville are a direct result of the ‘selective’ enforcement of current gun laws. Criminals with multiple gun charges dropped or reduced isn’t a solution.

  • How often and under what criteria will your data be made available to the public? How about a dashboard? The public has a need to know if you want us to be participate.

  • Here is a suggestion.
    A thug gets caught with a gun, and the person is a convicted felon.
    Penal Statutes need to apply, as they are written, and should very well be enforced.
    Same scenario, convicted felon caught with a gun, the car is searched by law enforcement, felon goes to jail, mobile phones should be seized, and searched automatically by tech personnel at the jail, because of the nature of the charge. “Possession of a weapon or ammo by a convicted felon” needs to be amended to also include search and seizure of the “Convicted Felons” mobile devices, rather than simply turning it off and putting it in a property bag at the jail.
    Much like with reasonable cause, any sworn Florida Law Enforcement Officer can “Suspend ones Driver’s License Privileges” at the scene of a traffic stop, (on side da road) if the officer deems the suspension necessary. But rarely is it used or enforced. They let the DMV handle that a$$ in those cases. (only certain situations call for that) SO!
    Really want to stop illegal selling of stolen and ghosted serial numbered guns? All the information GPD/ASO and FDLE would ever need is in those devices.
    Allow me to finish with one final thought…..
    Remember Edward Snowden, I think he kinda hit the nail on the head! The meta data collection at the time was “too broad” because the “terrorist threat” is now very domestic.
    let’s quit with all the corporate horse sh$&, give local law enforcement a bit of digital leeway, and watch the change in our community.
    They are making progress, So I say

    • You obviously are oblivious to how criminals get guns? Or why this would never ever work or CURB ANY GUN VIOLENCE. You can hack phones, give higher bonds, sentence offenders to harsh time. Guns are being bought an sold in the streets. Guns come out of broken into cars an houses not the internet. Nobodies online saying hey come buy a gun from me. Criminals are not online buying an selling guns. It’s possible but naw. Am I’m not for criminals but every convicted felon isn’t a bad guy or is looking to use guns for crime. So going in a convicted felons phone isn’t going to change nothing but cause more legal problems.

  • When will the city have a special series of meetings on STEALING and it’s consequences?

  • I know. The only way to get crime reduced in some areas is to start an “election fraud protest.” Then you’ll see Dem-run cities suddenly increase cops on the beat, seeking out “election deniers” in every corner.
    Let’s post bold fliers designed with hiphop graphics but about election fraud, in certain areas. Areas with higher crime, only.

    • They can’t even get the panhandlers out of the medians…this is just more total BS. Nothing’s gonna happen if they don’t mandate more prison time for convicted felons with guns…”if you’re a felon and get caught with a Gun 10,20,life” should be on every RTS bus instead of those lawyer ambulance chasing ads.

      • 10-20-life still isn’t going to change gun crime not one bit, there’s states with 3 strike law with a mandated life sentences after the 3rd conviction. Most of those states have a 100% higher gun rate murder rate violent crime rate. Then Gainesville an that’s hasn’t curved Sht! An not all felons are bad felons with “guns”

  • Lock up convicted felons with guns for mandatory 5 years the first time and don’t drop the charges will make our community safer.

  • Nothing new here folks. GPD has been using crime analysis for years and years to pin point hot spots and offenders.
    Just a rebranding of an old method already in use.
    Vigorous prosecution of offenders, more boots on the street would help. But we all know that isn’t going to happen is it Lonnie?

  • “working with the community and other agencies to ensure all neighbors feel safe”

    And here is the whole problem. They want to use propaganda and public relations gimmicks to make citizens “feel” safe.

    I don’t want them to make me “feel” safe. I want them to do things to make me “be” safe. Clueless politicians do not understand the difference. Nothing will change.

  • Living downtown, I often hear gunshots at night. Gainesville needs to deploy available audio technologies to identify gunshots and triangulate their position.

  • Here lies the issue with this undertaking. This endeavor appears to be a hasty response to the existing wave of violence in Gainesville. Despite previous incidents such as the downtown shooting that occurred over multiple blocks a few months back, as well as numerous other shootings, the urgency of the situation wasn’t evident then. The question arises: why the sudden concern now?

    To start, the Gainesville Police Department (GPD) lacks the necessary personnel to effectively sustain this initiative for an extended period. Furthermore, history suggests that once it gains momentum, it will inevitably fizzle out like many previous initiatives the department has embarked upon. Rumors circulate that this new assistant chief’s arrival has spurred the command staff to justify their roles.

    Keep a close watch as this initiative launches only to gradually lose steam and recede into obscurity, much like its predecessors. It’s foreseeable that this won’t remain a prominent topic several months down the line. This is just another one of those shiny objects that GPD is chasing – Squirrel!!!

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