GPD investigating shooting in 300 block of NE 33rd Avenue

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville Police Department is currently investigating a shooting at the 300 block of NE 33rd Ave. Two subjects engaged in a physical altercation that resulted in one of them being shot. The injured subject was transported to the hospital; TV20 has reported that the victim died at the hospital. All parties involved are accounted for and currently being interviewed by detectives. At this time, there is no public threat. The investigation continues.

  • Again? Maybe they should have that gun crisis circle jerk tonight.

      • They are the incompetent Democrats who won election to the city commission, despite more taxes, more cost of living and more wrist slapping and wondering why we have more violence by criminals.

    • Not the one that got shot. He is a productive member off thee community actually

  • Usual suspects, usual victims. What else is new in east Gainesville.

  • You talking about people family he was a legend and have kids so be careful what you say and be mindful of people

    • Legend my azz. I bet everything I own the shooting was justified and there will b no charges against the shooter

      • Only because he is white and victim black. He owns a barber shop and helped his community v so talking as it you know him when you clearly don’t

  • Lmao legend? That’ll be the last time he ever runs up with that bullshyt on a man at his job.

    Wait a sec…….. is that BLM i hear? Nope, sorry, just the dogs next door barking. False alarm but they honestly don’t care.

    You can continue to dance around the truth all you want, the fact here is the guns are not the issue, the criminals will continue to get their hands on them breaking the law to obtain them (as was the case with the last shooting a few days ago where a stolen firearm from Alachua County was recovered). The problem is the black on black crime that refuses to be dealt with. They blame it on everything but what they should. Just plain POS punks with no regard for the law that just think they can run around town settling their differences by killing one another. Nobody is responsible for their actions but theirselves. Stop polluting your brains with garbage. Get out get a job quit selling drugs, robbing stealing and killing or being in the streets take care of your family, your kids, your loved ones. Do something productive with your life and quit blaming everybody else. That is someone i would consider a ” Legend”

  • Just another Friday night in East Gainesville. We need another gun violence summit.

    • Heard it was in the early afternoon, must be nice to not have to work for a living and just ride around trying to fight people.

      • You clearly don’t know WTF you talking about! Not defending neither but the deceased owned a Barber shop and privileged enough to schedule his own hours. Talk what you know Boy!

      • Bodybagz you don’t know a damn thing! This not only owned his business! He worked 14 hours a day a he was on his lunch break

      • The young man was a business owner. Nice to see you chiming in on assumptions

  • Looks like Tony’s and city halls reduce gun violence plan isn’t working.
    Take a look at Houston & Austin Texas crime and just how bad it is. And if that weren’t bad enough, the liberal ‘bench judges’ cut the shooters loose! No bond, maybe a monitor.
    Two days later they’re back in jail for another serious felony. Again, back out no bail.
    G’ville is the copy of these two cities.
    Strap on a gun, pin on a badge, you are your own lawman in Hoggtown.

  • Let’s get the facts straight. He was a drug dealer, barber and ya had quite a few kids 😂😂
    Did I mention he thought he was entitled and a tough guy… That came back and bite him 😂😂

  • Don’t come into a man’s business looking for trouble and get surprised when he shoots back. We’re no longer afraid of you people. You know what people.

  • Two cars pull up to a business to attack someone inside. They defend themselves and all of a sudden its racism because a white Male defended himself in east Gainesville. Thug wannabes committing crimes wanting to be the Scarface of Gainesville only to be the victim of their own stupidity.

  • If y’all gone talk bout somebody y’all ain’t even know, state yo real name behind it

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