GPD responds to recent traffic accidents

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

The traffic accident that occurred last weekend at the corner of NW 17th Street and West University Avenue, taking the life of a University of Florida student, is a tragedy. The Gainesville Police Department’s (GPD) investigation into this accident continues in earnest, as our Traffic Homicide Investigation Unit seeks to determine the factors which may have contributed to this unfortunate incident.

In response to this accident, as well as the ones that took the lives of UF students in December 2020 at the 2100 block of West University Avenue and in January 2020 at the 5900 block of East University Avenue, plus other vehicular crashes involving pedestrians in and around the University of Florida, GPD is initiating an enhanced traffic enforcement program called “Gator STEP (Special Traffic Enforcement Program).” This program will be part of a larger community-wide effort, as GPD works alongside other City of Gainesville, University of Florida, and State of Florida entities to educate and provide for the safety of our Gainesville and University neighbors.

In conjunction with the University of Florida Police Department, Gator STEP will conduct high-visibility traffic enforcement along roadways contingent to UF, including West University Avenue, SW Archer Road, SW 34th Street, and SW 13th Street, as well as other roadways throughout the City of Gainesville. Our focus will be on crosswalk, pedestrian, speeding, and scooter safety violations. GPD will also conduct a crash analysis of the area between 1300 West University Avenue and 2200 West University Avenue, to identify the nature and/or types of crashes that occur there and to identify any preventive measures that might be undertaken in the designated area. Scheduled DUI enforcement details will also be included around these roadways.

Traffic safety is a responsibility all our neighbors need to be aware of. Although GPD issued 9,673 traffic citations and 3,121 traffic warnings last year, we believe Gator STEP will help us and the community identify additional means to address the recent traffic accidents that have occurred near the UF campus.

GPD welcomes the public’s input and cooperation and pledges to continue to work with local and statewide leaders to address the nature of these traffic accidents.

  • Based on my real investigative skills and real world observations there are a great deal of distracted drivers on the road. I wonder if investigators have thought to look into cell phone usage of the drivers involved in these particular tragedies.
    On the hand, either traffic enforcement should step up and contribute or the city should cut those positions and hire crossing guards instead. I’m pretty sure they would cost much less.

  • They are building where the old swamp restaurant was and have the right lane closed for their drinking
    And eating thing in the street because of covid by UF.
    Poe & city comm have blood on there hands.

    • They also have an absence of common sense and intelligent thoughts between their ears.

  • 1) UF conditions students to cross any road anywhere on campus and vehicles must stop. This habituates them to not look before crossing. An average of two pedestrian students per year are killed in Gainesville because of this. If any attorney suing on behalf of a student pedestrian injury wants to IM me, I’ll assist for free.
    2) GPD officers won’t enforce because (rightfully so) they will not do ANYTHING to bring attention to themselves out of job security.

    Good luck with this.

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