GPD seeking suspect in GHS burglary

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

Gainesville Police Department (GPD) is asking for assistance in identifying the pictured individual who broke in to Gainesville High School on July 7, 2021, at approximately 1:30 a.m. The suspect stole several items after forcing his way into the school by breaking a window. The suspect changed clothes during the burglary.

If you can identify this suspect or know have any information about the burglary, please contact GPD Detective Quinn at 352-339-0506 or quinnmt@cityofgainesville.org. Or you can contact Alachua County Crime Stoppers at 352-372-7867 or www.stopcrime.tv.

  • “The suspect changed clothes during the burglary.”

    Getting criminally sophisticated?

    Did “Tractor fire at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium” (September 12, 2020) ever get solved/explained?

    Did Shots Fired near The Standard (1360 W University Ave) in early 2021 ever get solved/explained? (Has that story been MemoryHoled by The Powers That Be lying perpetually?

    • Archer Road’s Pizza Hut closed after fire (June 15, 2020) ever solved/explained?

      (March 4, 2014) Motive for UF stabbing incident remains a mystery. Michael Cravey used the alias Thomas Brinkley on social media to espouse conspiracy theories

    • I’m Glad someone is remembering these incidents…I remember the
      Shots fired thing by the Standard…funny thing is: in the intersection on 13th Street and NW 3rd Ave where
      They have those “weed & seed” cameras, there was
      A gizmo with some antenna sticking out and I was thinking it was one of those things to detect gunshots…I was just noticing it last night!
      —As far as today’s wanted criminal photo that they are looking for: I’m wondering if this burglar who changed
      His clothes during this caper is one of the released inmates to our community that Mayor Poe wants to provide housing and a
      Stipend to, to “sort of build back better”…I think that’s exactly how the Poe guy said it… the criminal looks
      Like one of the panhandlers I recently saw at University Ave and 13th Street…Anyway, I bet If they stop coddling
      The panhandlers and inviting them here to get benefits,
      That our crime rate will go down…also, what’s with all the
      Juveniles shooting each other up at the legion hall and
      That 21 year old gal who shot the 12 year old boy? They
      Need to get tough with those juveniles and treat them
      As adults and no deferment programs. We cannot cuddle thuggery.Time to clean up the streets
      And get tough on crime! Didn’t the CC recently say
      Something about not wanting to charge people with
      Crimes? I think the “don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the
      Time” is a better philosophy….

      • Yeah, something about the CC “not wanting to charge people
        With crimes and a process with the states Attorney Office “for EQUITY??? Maybe today’s criminal is
        Getting his self deserved equity and needs to be
        Released via CC edict…

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