GPD seeks volunteers for One Community Violent Crime Workgroup

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

The Gainesville Police Department is seeking volunteers to serve on the GPD Violent Crime Workgroup.

The mission of the Workgroup is to curb violence, reduce the growing number of homicides and shootings in the city, and to develop specific, community-wide steps that citizens and leaders can take to make our community safer.

The Workgroup will be made up of community neighbors and businesses who will review the progress of GPD’s strategy and make recommendations on how our efforts to reduce gun violence can be enhanced. The Workgroup will also assist in identifying some of the underlying causes of violence in our community and offer suggestions on how to address these sources.

Those interested in serving on this workgroup should contact GPD Chief Inspector Jaime Kurnick at 352-393- 7787 or kurnickjl@cityofgainesville.org.

  • It’s not a front line issue, it’s a lawyers and judges problem. But also a housing issue (prenatal front line).

    • It’s not a housing issue. Stop inviting vagrants
      And ex cons here and housing them for free and don’t
      Pay them a stipend so they can “sorta build back better”
      According to Mayor Poe. Jeff, do you receive or are
      You involved in section 8 or government housing somehow? Do you really think housing a drug addict
      Or thief will stop them from shooting up or doing break-ins? Do you think the black on black shootings is
      Because they don’t have a crib to stay at? 10,20, life if use a gun in a crime if a convicted felon. Get rid
      Of panhandlers in street medians. Crack down on
      Open containers. Close down the weed dispensaries
      In GNV. Shut down those local beer breweries hours
      At sundown. They commit crimes to feed their vices.
      Juveniles should all be home by 9pm curfew if don’t
      Have a parent with them. Make it illegal to wear a face mask & hoodie at the same time because I can’t
      Identity you in a line-up. No need for anymore talking.
      Get tough on crime and make bail mandatory. No release on own recognizance…you gotta make them
      Avoid wanting to be in the criminal justice system…
      Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  • Is this a makeover of the Police Advisory Council? This is exactly what they are charged to do by ordinance that the city refuses to enforce. Just another fake front at GPD. You will be nothing but a puppet used in the city’s propaganda campaign. Waste of time and energy.

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