GRACE Marketplace resident pulls knife on woman in bathroom


Kimberly Joyce White, 30, was arrested last night after she allegedly pulled a knife on another GRACE Marketplace resident in the bathroom.

According to the arrest report, the victim told a Gainesville Police Department officer that she and White were having a verbal argument in the dorm bathroom area at GRACE Marketplace. The victim said that White pulled out a small kitchen knife, at which point the victim ran out of the bathroom and called for help.

A witness in one of the bathroom stalls said she hid in the stall until White got into the shower. The witness said she saw White pull a knife right before the victim ran out of the bathroom and that White was less than six feet from the victim at the time.

While the officer was waiting for White to get dressed after her shower, he reported that he overheard her telling GRACE staff that she “pulled a knife on her” and that the knife was about the size of the palm of her hand. Post Miranda, White reportedly said she showed the knife to the victim, but it was for her protection and she did not threaten anybody with the knife.

White has been charged with aggravated assault and is being held on $25,000 bond. She is on probation from a November 2021 guilty adjudication on a battery charge.

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  • Are they more lax with admitting criminals to Grace Marketplace now that they can no longer be relegated to Dignity Village?

    • On another note: we can’t have other counties
      Releasing the dregs from their jails & prisons to
      Grace In Alachua County. They need to get the
      Panhandlers out of the street medians…Grace should
      Only provide temporary 30 day help to displaced Alachua County residents and everyone else should
      Get a bus ticket back to where they came from. The city,
      County, and Grace should create a “work force” plan
      Where the recipients of Grace benefits can give back to
      The community
      With service by cleaning up the streets…”don’t be a
      Panhandler, be a canhandler”…

  • After several years of observation what can be concluded is there exists little to no grace…or dignity, at either Grace Marketplace or Dignity Village. Leadership should rename it “Misplaced Garbage and Crime Space.”
    Thanks, city and county leaders – NOT.

    • Agreed… Grace turned out to be a “vermin attracting boondoggle”…the unintended consequences of government intervention. “Build it and they will come”.

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