Grand Jury clears deputy in September 2021 shooting


Updated 10:45 p.m.: Although the name of the deputy was provided in a press release to the media, the State Attorney’s office has now requested that it be redacted.

Brian Kramer, State Attorney of the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida, announced today that the Spring Term Grand Jury has cleared an Alachua County Sheriff’s deputy in the shooting death of Barry Heckard in September of 2021.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation found that Heckard was driving erratically when Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies attempted to pull him over. Deputies initiated a “PITT” maneuver to immobilize the vehicle, at which point Heckard fired multiple shots at deputies. One deputy returned fire, striking Heckard, who died of his injuries. The Grand Jury found that the deputy was justified in the use of deadly force in this incident in protection of self and others. Judge Philip Pena received the grand jury findings.

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