Great News from Animal Resources and Care

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – At yesterday’s meeting, the County Commission heard a progress report on the Animal Resources and Care Department (AR&C). To listen to the full report, view the video. The report shared the progress that has occurred since the June 28, 2022, Commission discussion on AR&C. Staff highlighted progress in hiring staff, improving the facility, strengthening relationships with other animal welfare organizations, and, most importantly, reducing the animal population from 342 animals on June 28 to 136 animals as of August 15.

The shelter also reported that there would be a cautious and careful resumption of animal intakes at the shelter through the implementation of the Shelter Diversion/Managed Intake Program.

Today, so far, 11 stray dogs have been turned in. This has made it necessary to place a hold on new strays this week while this influx is processed and handled.

The evolving process for handling strays is as follows:

  • AR&C, for the moment, will not respond to reports of roaming strays
  • They will only respond to stray calls if the animal is confined
  • They ask that all those finding strays file a report on the 24 Pet Connect before contacting AR&C
  • Before bringing the animal to the shelter, please contact AR&C at 352-264-6870 to see if the shelter is currently accepting strays

Owner Surrenders:

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  • Owner surrenders are accepted by appointment only (call 352-264-6870). When someone contacts the shelter to surrender their pet, they will be given a resource packet and asked to utilize the resources and attempt to rehome on their own first before being scheduled for an appointment
  • Owners will be required to show that they’ve attempted to rehome on their own before AR&C approves the surrender/appointment

AR&C has made great strides in the last 60 days. They are determined to continue the positive momentum in a way that is productive and positive. Carefully managed intake will avoid the overcrowding and stress that has been detrimental and unhealthy for animals and staff.