Gun Buy tomorrow at GFR Training Center Parking Lot

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

The Gainesville Police Department, Office of the State Attorney Brian Kramer – 8th Judicial Circuit, and Save Our Cities Initiative will host a Gun Buy this Saturday, December 11, 2021, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (or until all monies have been exhausted) at the Gainesville Fire Rescue (GFR) Training Center Parking Lot (1000 NE 14th Street).

The State Attorney, Brian Kramer, has authorized amnesty from prosecution for any person illegally possessing a firearm participating in this event.

Each donor will remain anonymous, and the only information collected will be the manufacturer, model, caliber, and serial number of the surrendered firearm. We will not collect any personal or vehicle information from any of the participants.

A Visa gift card will be provided as an incentive to each neighbor who elects to turn in a firearm during this event.

Safety is paramount. If you are donating a gun, please follow the directions below as well the directions provided by the officers at the event. Communication is key!

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*Prior to your arrival, please place your unloaded firearm in the trunk of your car, preferably in a box or some type of case or container;
*Upon arrival, turn on the safety flashers to your vehicle.
*Donors will be directed to an identified staging area where GPD personnel will advise the donors and any other occupants of the vehicle not to handle any firearms and wait for further instructions from uniformed personnel.
*Please DO NOT reach for or handle any firearm(s).

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to another successful event!

  • Kramer has the authority to grant amnesty if it’s a murder weapon? If a convicted felon brings in a gun
    For a visa gift card, he better get arrested! Hey Kramer, what you’re doing is called selective law enforcement.
    Your business is prosecuting bad guys, not letting them
    Go. You think this is going to stop black on black
    Crime? “ a visa gift card will be given to each Neighbor that participated in the event”… so neighbor can
    Also mean bad guy convicted felon with a gun that
    You let go..is the letting go of the criminal in the name
    Of equity? I want to know how this is going to stop burglars from stealing guns and black youths from
    Doing drive by shootings…I’m all ears…these toys for
    Guns and gun buys haven’t stopped any crime!
    Show us the proof!

    • And we also have not heard anything from the last one on how many were stolen and whether they had been returned to their rightful owners.

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