High Springs man arrested for child abuse after baby is hospitalized with brain bleed


HIGH SPRINGS, Fla., – Louis Bryan Bass, 19, was arrested yesterday and charged with aggravated child abuse and child neglect with great bodily harm after his 3-month-old son was transported to the emergency room with a brain bleed and a bruise on his torso.

First responders at the scene reported that they found the baby unresponsive and that he had signs of a traumatic brain injury.

Bass had been caring for the baby in the hours preceding the 911 call; when deputies told him that the injuries were consistent with shaking a baby, Bass reportedly said he was stressed and that the baby cried a lot, but he denied shaking him.

Bass is being held on $400,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • I thought schools taught proper life planning. Children should not be having children.

  • Hopefully someone will get the opportunity to “shake” him. Maybe drop him a couple times as well.

    • Oh his time is coming! I’m sure when he gets to prison they’re going to have some fun with him. Big tough guy that abuses a helpless infant.

  • Never understood how grown burly men, many of them tough guys, abuse infants. Must be their brains don’t understand infants can’t make logical choices to stay quite and not bother them (but these guys might realize it over much time in prison, likely as someone’s bltch).

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