Cyclist injured in Friday night hit-and-run has died of his injuries

Updated Jan. 17, when GPD announced that the cyclist died of his injuries.


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A 69-year-old man who was trauma-alerted to the hospital Friday night has died of his injuries, according to Gainesville Police Department.

Officers responded to the 400 block of SE 9th Street at about 10:30 p.m. Friday night and found a bicyclist with multiple broken limbs and in full cardiac arrest.

The investigation is continuing, but officials currently believe the vehicle was a semi truck or moving truck. There were no witnesses to the crash.

    • It’s called cowardice. Lack of humanity. Fearless disregard for human life.
      Should be posted on all billboards, 20 years minimum prison time.

      • Some people don’t think bicycles should be on the road. Based on the address of the incident and the gang thuggery in the area I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t intentional.

  • Seems an odd place and time for a semi or moving truck. Bike trail crosses SE 9 st there. Did cyclist have a light? Regardless, driver obviously shouldn’t have fled.

  • All this time city leaders are telling us Gainesville is a caring & safe community.
    Safe to say, a community is only as good as the sum of it’s parts – at least it’s safer than riding on a bicycle around town. If you’re not getting shot at, you may be getting run over.

    Be safe out there because some people really don’t care.

    • The number one rule of bicycling has always been to ride as if you are invisible. In other words, “stay out the way.” Front and rear lights at night are essential for safety. There are plenty of impaired bicyclists out there, too. Probably a higher percentage at night than car drivers. No one ever mentions the possibility that the bicyclist might have been impaired when there is a crash.

  • That’s very sad. I wonder if he was wearing dark clothing, no light too maybe? I ride my bike in slow traffic streets like that too during the daytime, not at night. It could have been a driver blind spot issue added into the mix, bad luck 😢😢

  • We want better air quality…then some s***t head is going around hitting them???? Not good…come on, APD! It may not be a GLORIOUS capture, but you would stop another person from getting hurt!!!!

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