Inaugural Gainesville City Services Fair showcases municipal programs and services

Press release from the City of Gainesville

The City of Gainesville invites all neighbors to its first City Services Fair to learn more about City programs, events, services, job opportunities, charter officers, governing structure, and more.

When: 9 a.m.-noon Saturday, June 25

Where: Martin Luther King, Jr. Multipurpose Center, 1028 NE 14th Street

Residents will have the opportunity to learn more about the myGNV app and website through which they can plan a bus trip, view live traffic cameras, or report a power outage.

City staff will offer information about the Gainesville Fire Rescue Community Resource Paramedic program and offer assistance to low-income neighbors who may qualify for mortgage foreclosure intervention, down-payment assistance, or other affordable housing programs offered by the City. They’ll also answer questions about the Gainesville Regional Utilities Low-income Energy Efficiency Program Plus and share information for reducing energy use, among other helpful tips. Staff from the Solid Waste division also will address how recent changes to the Zero Waste ordinances impact city residents and businesses.

The fair also will include a small tree giveaway (while supplies last), and staff from the Urban Forestry division will share tree-planting and pruning advice with attendees.

Neighbors also will be able to recycle their unwanted automobile tires at the event. Each person may bring up to six tires, without rims, for recycling to the outdoor collection area at the fair. (Tires on rims will not be accepted. The tire roundup continues until 2 p.m.)

Representatives from Gainesville Police Department, Transportation, and Public Works will share information about their projects and programs; Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs and other departments will provide details about their year-round and seasonal events. Employment opportunities at the City also will be available. City staff expects to host the fair several times each year.

To help ensure public health and safety, neighbors are asked to follow CDC recommendations including social distancing guidance for COVID-19 at events.

  • So GRU has energy saving ideas? You Lie. The more we conserve the more they charge. I used $18 of Electicity in May and my total bill was $240.00. Stop the Lies , Stop the BS, and either cut back on GRU ‘s Bloated Budget that is way overstaffed , Cut the $38 Million Dollar Kick back to the Out of Control COGC or just shut it down and sell it for pennies on the dollar. What does the new City Commision candidates for Mayor and COGC have to say? I’ll bet same ol same ol.

    • It seems you are misinformed about a bloated budget. The budget for next year has been cut significantly from what was proposed. There is no bloat in it. I suggest you obtain a copy of the proposed budget and review it with someone who works for GRU and is familiar with the budget. You will find your opinion is far from factual.

      • cafr1.com: Starting in the 1970’s forward, out of simple opportunity and the public’s naivety, is when government had so much cash coming in the door, they needed to create “Parking Zones for it”. The covert idea put into play was to move funds out of their budget accounting in one year (to one of their enterprise operations, a bank, an Insurance company, etc.) and then the next year say and show they had a budget short fall and needed to have a bond issue to cover the shortfall. The public may or may not look, and yes, on the local government’s budget, there would be a shortfall so the bond issue (debt) was offered. Did anyone ever look to see who the investor was for that bond issue? Never… Who in most cases was the investor? Well, remember it was mentioned funds were moved out of the budgetary accounting the year before? Where it was moved to, again in most cases was the investor using the funds moved to them to then be the sole investor in the bond issue. With local governments doing this, they “create” the Parking Zone for that wealth originally obtained from the public, and to add irony and insult, the public is now paying interest for the repayment of that bond which was their own money taken from them in the first place.

        • usavsus.info: Every city, county, state, and the federal government openly talks about the “budget,” but keeps a virtually hidden, SECOND SET OF BOOKS which track the investments and Enterprise ventures worth TRILLIONS of dollars in tangible wealth they have built up and are spending from these virtually hidden portfolios as a result of investing YOUR skimmed money for over 50 years in everything from real estate to the stock market. MOTIVE? They build THEIR empires from where that money is spent and invested “Internationally”

          • thefreethoughtproject (1/20/22): 80% of ALL U.S. DOLLARS were created in the last 2 years

  • Wow! How much did this just cost us?! You know what I do when I need to know some information about the city? I open the city’s web site and read.

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