Infighting continues in the local Democratic Party with a formal grievance filed against a Precinct Leader for supporting Bielarski for Mayor

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The grievance could result in the removal of Precinct Leader Horace Moore from the Democratic Executive Committee

In another sign of conflict within the Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee (ACDEC), a formal grievance has been filed against Horace Moore, Precinct Leader for Precinct 28, for violating the ACDEC’s loyalty oath by expressing his support for Edward Bielarski, who is registered as NPA (No Party Affiliation), for Gainesville Mayor.

The grievance states that at the May 11 ACDEC General Membership Meeting, in front of 40-50 Zoom meeting participants, Moore requested the floor and publicly stated that he was supporting Bielarski for mayor.

The grievance goes on to state that “It is undisputed that Edward Bielarski is a non-Democrat, and that there is at least one Democrat (both David Arreola and Harvey Ward) running in the same race for Gainesville Mayor. Horace Moore is therefore in violation of the loyalty oath language which states: ‘nor will I support any non-Democrat against a Democrat in any election other than in judicial races.'”

The grievance also states that Moore knew that Bielarski is not a Democrat because that information had been discussed in the meeting and that when Moore was approximately half a minute into his statement, the ACDEC Chair muted Moore’s microphone “and asked him to carefully consider his words, and to take into consideration that he was violating the loyalty oath which could lead to consequences, including being removed from the DEC. Horace Moore’s response was to shout F*** YOU at the DEC Chair. Mr. Moore thereafter left the meeting.”

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The grievance calls for the ACDEC to remove Moore from the organization, if he does not resign voluntarily, and to be refused admittance to “any ACDEC meeting or ACDEC gathering where discussion of strategy or activities on behalf of our Mayoral candidates is likely to occur.”

Another ACDEC member submitted a memorandum documenting a voicemail from Moore in which Moore allegedly said, “I think it is totally stupid for us to have to… support… people who do not know anything about running a utility and running the city into the ground… I’m going to support Bielarski, and they were crazy for firing him, one thing, and now they want to stop him from being the mayor.” That member said he reminded Moore that he could support any candidate he wished as long as he resigned from ACDEC, and he could vote for any candidate he wished, even as a member of ACDEC. That member also reported that Moore said if a grievance was filed, he would fight it and that “he had contacts in the black community in several surrounding counties and that the Democratic Party needed him more than he needed the Democratic Party.”

The Grievance Committee Chair has 45 days from the date of the complaint (May 15) to investigate complaints against members.

Moore declined to provide comment for this article.


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