Infighting continues in the local Democratic Party with a formal grievance filed against a Precinct Leader for supporting Bielarski for Mayor

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The grievance could result in the removal of Precinct Leader Horace Moore from the Democratic Executive Committee

In another sign of conflict within the Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee (ACDEC), a formal grievance has been filed against Horace Moore, Precinct Leader for Precinct 28, for violating the ACDEC’s loyalty oath by expressing his support for Edward Bielarski, who is registered as NPA (No Party Affiliation), for Gainesville Mayor.

The grievance states that at the May 11 ACDEC General Membership Meeting, in front of 40-50 Zoom meeting participants, Moore requested the floor and publicly stated that he was supporting Bielarski for mayor.

The grievance goes on to state that “It is undisputed that Edward Bielarski is a non-Democrat, and that there is at least one Democrat (both David Arreola and Harvey Ward) running in the same race for Gainesville Mayor. Horace Moore is therefore in violation of the loyalty oath language which states: ‘nor will I support any non-Democrat against a Democrat in any election other than in judicial races.'”

The grievance also states that Moore knew that Bielarski is not a Democrat because that information had been discussed in the meeting and that when Moore was approximately half a minute into his statement, the ACDEC Chair muted Moore’s microphone “and asked him to carefully consider his words, and to take into consideration that he was violating the loyalty oath which could lead to consequences, including being removed from the DEC. Horace Moore’s response was to shout F*** YOU at the DEC Chair. Mr. Moore thereafter left the meeting.”

The grievance calls for the ACDEC to remove Moore from the organization, if he does not resign voluntarily, and to be refused admittance to “any ACDEC meeting or ACDEC gathering where discussion of strategy or activities on behalf of our Mayoral candidates is likely to occur.”

Another ACDEC member submitted a memorandum documenting a voicemail from Moore in which Moore allegedly said, “I think it is totally stupid for us to have to… support… people who do not know anything about running a utility and running the city into the ground… I’m going to support Bielarski, and they were crazy for firing him, one thing, and now they want to stop him from being the mayor.” That member said he reminded Moore that he could support any candidate he wished as long as he resigned from ACDEC, and he could vote for any candidate he wished, even as a member of ACDEC. That member also reported that Moore said if a grievance was filed, he would fight it and that “he had contacts in the black community in several surrounding counties and that the Democratic Party needed him more than he needed the Democratic Party.”

The Grievance Committee Chair has 45 days from the date of the complaint (May 15) to investigate complaints against members.

Moore declined to provide comment for this article.

  • This is a free Country you should be able to vote for and support anyone you choose

    • Dinesh D’Souza (5/17/22): we’re dealing with a gangster operation on The Left

    • Yep. And these DEC crybaby wannabes are washed up nothings for good. The DEC produced Poe, worst mayor ever.

  • At least the Dem DEC meets and discusses things. When was the last time the ACREC met? What did they do besides goosestep to the fascist Republican agenda and pledge to continue sticking their heads up the arses of Trump and Desantis? Did they pledge to luv guns and hate gays? What does a Republican circle jerk look like? It must not be a pretty sight. The Repubs cannot even field candidates for local office. Sad.

    • That’s great that Ed running is upsetting a lot of people. Did you have a fun little “Orange man bad!” meltdown? Get ready for the red wave and the permanent demise of the Democrat Party.

      • Ed Bielarski, bielarski2022.com: The City of Gainesville is a municipal corporation formed by the people, for the people.

        Ed Bielarski, bielarski2022.com: While the community is rich in human capital, we must also retain and grow financial investment capital as well.

        Is a vote for Bielarski, a vote of consent for further GRU bill increases?

        By what percentage did each line item of the monthly GRU bill increase from the beginning of Ed Bielarski’s term as CEO of GRU until the end of his term?

    • Dems just love the stacked deck they have by not allowing and now fighting against Single Member districts so the maintain control ove the sheeple. The financial malpratice is alive and well and quite evident throughout GRU, the City of Gainesville .. Alachua County Commission,RTS and every other item they touch.

    • DEC knowingly let Mr Prissy Hayes “Santos” parade as a minority for 5 or 6 years now knowing he’s a white kid from Canada who got his hyphenated last name from his ex-step dad. Po Boy Claiming it was a minority majority commission! LOL. These liars should leave town.

      • People have been laughing at that clown for a while. Just about anyone knew he’s no minority. He must want to be a victim too, a real democrat.

        • Funny Girl! His first run he established residency by parking a bicycle and a couple boxes at a friends house on the porch the very last day to qualify. Eventually, his mom bought him a car…a real loser. A city commission member driving for Lyft! What a joke.

    • Not a Republican…yet here you are trolling a conservative website. Tired of the fake news or just needing a respite from what the liberals tell you?

      I guess you could say Democrats have a lot of meetings to discuss things. Raising taxes, giving things away, (not free, taxpayers foot the bill), raising utility rates, lying to the idiots who continue to keep them in power, putting a strain on local infrastructure… you’re right, those meetings are really productive.

      Personally, I would love for you to tell the readers which of the city commissioners you suckle from? Ward? I think he needs it the most. He seems to have some masculinity issues.
      Poe? I’m sure Ward has him preoccupied.
      Arreola? Will his mom even allow that?

      So why we’re sitting around trying to figure out a way out of the mess people like yourself have put us in, take a moment to give thanks that while you’ve been sucking the life out of this country, we’ve been trying to keep it free for you to do just that.

  • Newsweek (4/29/22): What Are ‘Zuckerbucks’? DeSantis Touts Ban in Election Enforcement

    In 2020, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave $419 million to two nonprofit organizations that distributed grants to roughly 2,500 election departments.

    Foundation for Government Accountability (thefga.org): The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) received $350 million from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and provided “COVID-19 response” election administration grants to thousands of local election offices. CTCL grants (or “Zuckerbucks”) were disproportionally siphoned to left-leaning counties to boost Democrat turnout and influence the outcome of 2020 elections.

    • “Zuckerberg, from Facebook, in 2020, he poured $420 million into these non-profit groups and these non-profits would go into communities that were in important states and they’d go to the election office and say ‘here’s millions of dollars for you guys, but you gotta bring in our operatives, you’ve gotta ballot harvest, you’ve gotta have mass mail balloting’ and all of this stuff,” Governor Ron DeSantis said April 27th in Williston, Florida, according to WFLA.

      • The local democrat party is trying to influence a non-partisan election. Can charges be brought up against
        them because they are trying to intimidate Mr. Moore for acting properly and speaking his mind in a nonpartisan election? I think Horace can sue them
        For a violation of his first amendment rights.

      • realclearinvestigations.com (6/7/22): Twenty-five of the top 50 “Zuckerbucks” grants per capita went to just five states – Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and Texas

        • realclearinvestigations.com (6/7/22): Though technically considered a nonpartisan organization, The Center for Tech and Civic Life’s (CTCL) leadership team has an extensive history of working with the Democratic Party and progressive causes. Tiana Epps-Johnson founded the organization with Whitney May and Donny Bridges. All three previously worked together at the New Organizing Institute, which the Washington Post described as “the Democratic Party’s Hogwarts for digital wizardry” and the “left’s think tank for campaign know-how.”

  • So the Monkey Pox party doesn’t care about the candidate most qualified to mitigate rising electric bills for their poor constituents on the east side but will order them to vote for a monkey more likey to raise electric rates to fund stuff that will increase City debt.

  • Anyone else see a problem with there being a “Party loyalty pledge”? How about a pledge to the city, to do what is best for the city regardless of party affiliation.

  • Incredible that anyone would sign away their precious rights of “freedom of choice” to stay locked into one party line only thinking ! That’s pathetic.

  • (Alachua Chronicle: That member also reported that Moore said if a grievance was filed, he would fight it and that “he had contacts in the black community in several surrounding counties and that the Democratic Party needed him more than he needed the Democratic Party.”)

    2000 Mules?

  • demonrats don’t care about good policies, only loyalty to their corrupt party.

  • Local Demonic leaders are showing everybody how they envy commie lands and one-party dictatorships like Cuba, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua and N. Korea.

  • At least Mr. Moore no longer has to worry about the local Democrats sending the KKK to intimidate disobedient Black voters. They’ve moved on to having Antifa try to intimidate white Christians and anyone with family values (anyone who’s not a trans-worshiping communist).

  • Southern democrats historically are the party of slavery and KKK. Even now they are living up to their historical legacy by hounding minorities who have the chutzpah to think and vote for themselves, and who leave the plantation mentality behind.

  • One word: nonpartisan

    The election for mayor is
    supposed to be nonpartisan.

  • The DEC could have their so loved Andrew Gillum bring in a swingers pride party with free non-binary escorts to solve this mess.

    • ain’t no party like an Andrew Gillum party ’cause an Andrew Gillum party don’t stop (lying and scamming and masking and vaxxing and ballot harvesting)

  • The Ku Klux Klan became active in Gainesville in the early 1920s. As elsewhere, it was anti-black, anti-semitic, and anti-Catholic, and professed to uphold morality. In an early incident, a worker was kidnapped from his job late at night and beaten severely for neglecting his wife and children. A police officer had tried to intervene, but retreated when guns were drawn. City officials condoned the incident. Former mayor William Reuben Thomas condemned the event and called for the mayor and police chief, who apparently were members of the Klan, to step down, to no avail. The Klan also objected to a Catholic priest who had organized a drama club at the University, and in 1923 Catholic priests were officially banned from all state college campuses. The next year three men in full Klan regalia kidnapped the priest from his rectory, beat him severely, and castrated him. The priest and another witness identified two of the kidnappers as the mayor and police chief of Gainesville, but there was no publicity and no investigation of the incident. In the 1930s the Klan took credit for burning down the houses of prostitution on North Main Street, ostensibly to protect the morals of the students at the University.

  • So Moore left an ACDEC member a voicemail explaining himself. Got it. What I don’t understand is that part that the says the ACDEC “reminded Mr. Moore…”. Was the member talking to themselves or conveniently leaving out more conversations that were had so they don’t get kicked out of the mean girls club.

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