January 25 Alachua County Commission Regular Meeting Includes COVID-19 Discussion

Press release from Alachua County

The Alachua County Commission will conduct a Regular Meeting on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, at the Alachua County Administration Building (12 S.E. 1st Street, Gainesville). The daytime meeting begins at 11:30 a.m. The evening meeting begins at 5 p.m. The daytime includes a COVID-19 discussion.

The Commission will take public comment in person or by calling 1-800-741-8011. Masks are required regardless of vaccination status. The public may view the meeting on Cox Channel 12 and the County’s Video on Demand website.

Daytime items of interest:

  • Florida Sports Foundation – Senior Games Award
  • Approval of a Proclamation declaring February 2, 2022, as “World Wetlands Day 2022” in Alachua County, Florida
  • Approval of a Proclamation declaring January 23 to 29, 2022, as “National CRNA Week” in Alachua County, Florida
  • COVID-19 discussion
  • Select artist for Fire Station 33 stained glass art
  • Request approval of additional Wild Spaces Public Places for Cuscowilla Nature and Retreat Center improvements
  • Downtown Administration Unsolicited Proposal and Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • East Side Urgent Care – term sheet
  • Alachua County Fiscal Year 2022 transportation priorities
  • CPA-05-21 Public Hearing to consider adopting an ordinance adding Recreation Land Use Policies to the Alachua County Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Element. (Legislative)
  • CPA 06-21: Proposed amendment to Alachua County Comprehensive Plan to add a Property Rights Element to the Plan (Legislative; 15 minutes)
  • Public Hearing to consider ordinance revising County Code regarding emergencies
  • Public Hearing to consider an ordinance amending Chapter 35 of the County Code Regarding Law Enforcement Municipal Services Taxing Unit (MSTU); adding City of Waldo and deleting the City of Newberry

Evening items of interest:

  • Public Hearing to amend the FY22 Budget for Alachua County
  • Continuation of the 12/14/21 BoCC meeting for ZOX-03-21: Duke Energy Special Exception Request for a Major Utility to allow a Telecommunications Facility at an existing substation.

View the agenda and backup items.

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  • 1. Why are masks required at the county meeting regardless of vaccination status? Because the vaccination does not prevent
    You from getting or transmitting the Covid strain
    Of the common cold.
    2. It’s cold & flu season now. What’s the survival rate
    If you do catch the Covid cold flu? The survival rate
    Is 99.9% globally.
    3. Are masks effective in stopping the Covid flu including
    The omicron variant? No. It’s a false narrative that
    They help prevent you from getting sick. It’s more
    Of a psychological tool and political statement to
    Further the global fear campaign.
    4. The pandemic was the perfect cover to implement
    The “great reset”.
    5. Are unvaccinated people responsible for the spread
    Of the Covid cold flu? No.
    6. The majority of the people who get sick with the
    Covid flu are people who are always sick. More
    People who have received the Covid vaccine get
    Sick than unvaccinated people.
    7. Why masks & vaccines then? Because they want
    To change how society behaves. It’s about politics
    And control.
    8, Do masks interfere with people communicating?
    Yes. We need to see each other’s facial expressions in
    Order to communicate effectively.

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