Landscape Fertilizer Ban in Effect through February within Alachua County

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Alachua County’s landscape fertilizer regulations prohibit using landscape fertilizers with nitrogen from July through February and require that fertilizers containing nitrogen contain no less than 50 percent slow-release nitrogen. New regulations also prohibit phosphorus unless a deficiency is verified. The three numbers on a fertilizer bag are nitrogen, then phosphorus, and finally potassium. This means the middle number on the bag must be zero unless you have conducted a soil or tissue test to verify the need for phosphorus. In addition, signage about the fertilizer rules must be displayed at all stores that sell fertilizer. Alachua County Environmental Protection staff are currently distributing signage.

The ordinance also includes the following standards:

  • Fertilizers containing nitrogen and/or phosphorus may not be applied when soils are saturated with water, before heavy rain, or for the first 30 days after seeding or sodding. 
  • Fertilizers spilled on impervious surfaces must be removed immediately and may not be blown or washed into stormwater systems or water bodies.
  • Fertilizers shall not be applied within a minimum of ten feet from any waterbody unless a deflector shield is used (then a minimum distance of three feet is required).
  • Grass clippings must be removed from streets, sidewalks, and driveways immediately.
  • Fertilizers must be stored in areas protected from rainfall and stormwater runoff. 
  • All commercial and institutional applicators shall successfully complete the Florida Friendly Best Management Practices for Water Resources by the Green Industries training and carry evidence that they are an FDACS Commercial Fertilizer Applicator.

“Fertilizers are a source of pollution to our surface waters, groundwater, and springs, so we want to ensure that citizens are aware of the fertilizer ban,” said Alachua County Environmental Protection Department Water Resources Program Manager Stacie Greco. She continued, “In a recent survey of more than 1,000 residents, 55% said they don’t use fertilizer at all. If you want to commit to joining the 55%, go to the water resources website to sign the pledge, and we will send you a bumper sticker to show your support of our water quality!”

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  • ‘Grass clippings must be removed from streets, sidewalks, and driveways immediately.’
    The usual way to remove grass clippings is with a leaf blower, and leaf blowers actually represent a real threat to humans and animals because of all the toxic dust they churn up. Especially around here (with the toxic waste site). Usually the wind produced by several cars driving over them is sufficient to blow grass clippings off the street. I see lots of other things on the sidewalks that the city and county should address (shopping carts overflowing with junk blocking the sidewalk, for example).

  • Sounds like typical demonrat governmant stuff, rotting California wannabe, another demonrat run gov.

  • They don’t think we can be good stewards of the
    Environment without them? applying
    Fertilizer (which costs a lot of money) has the application instructions already
    On the bag! . Grass clippings are biomass and
    Dry up quickly and go right back to the soil. What I want
    To know is: what is their plan with those bio-hazzard
    Disposable face masks that are strewn around the city?
    They wear the mask to protect you, but then they litter
    The street with them. They are disgusting. They need
    To put more public trash cans around the city so it’s
    Easy for citizens to dispose of their trash properly.
    They should create a program where jail inmates can
    Be on a work crew cleaning up trash & cleaning graffiti
    And can go towards early release or something. If I was
    An inmate sitting in jail, it would be good to be out and
    Get some exercise and give back to the community
    By beautifying it. The city needs to eliminate the
    Panhandling & vagrants and make sure they check
    Into Grace Mkt so they can be monitored and get the
    Help they need…maybe start the “be a can-handler,
    Not a panhandler” program…if you take the public
    Money, you should give back with public service…

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