Letter: Larger venue needed for exclusionary zoning meeting

An open letter to Mayor Lauren Poe and the Gainesville City Commission:

As one who for years has been defending the public process and wanting to involve citizens in the business of the government, once again I’m bringing this time-sensitive matter to your attention. The cancellation of the July 13 Special City Commission meeting, due to the Commission’s failure to fulfill the required public meeting notice, creates the perfect opportunity to do the right thing. In addition, it is essential to do so without further confusing the attention-paying public about it.

The potential impact of the proposed zoning change clearly indicates that the public interest is best served by moving to a larger venue. In fact, this change affords the Commission the opportunity to do the right thing and to reschedule, as previously requested, to a venue that is  “large enough to accommodate the many people who will surely be in attendance. The venue should allow for call-ins and for televising the proceedings for those who wish to participate from off site.” The County Commission Auditorium or a high school auditorium or a similarly large accommodation would suffice, and other suitable options are certainly available. Please honor your office and respect those you serve by fulfilling this request.

Jo Lee Beaty, Candidate for Gainesville City Commission, District 2

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  • Good luck with that. After all past efforts by the commission to silence the public does anyone really expect a venue large enough for their voices to be heard to be utilized?

    Keep dreaming but don’t forget, the Democrat voters elected these leaders. They have a chance to change it this November.

    • “They have a chance to change” the Gainesville City Commission on *August 23rd.* Let’s take care of that election, and worry about the other races after we elect a better City Commission! I’m not sure when the Democrat voters, (and we, who didn’t vote for the current tyrannical clowns on the commission,) will get another opportunity like this one… We have the opportunity to say, “Goodbye” to Arreola and Ward. Let’s do it!! We need to elect Bielarski, and either Ed Book or Jo Beaty. Then we will have a much more reasonable city commission that is in touch with, and responsive to the needs of the residents of the City of Gainesville, and is not hell bent on pushing an extremist agenda.

  • Snarky soy-man Poe would likely say No. “For safety reasons” as always.

      • Most of them are still wearing the masks. Saco had to leave the room and go to her office and talk on Zoom during the last meeting because “she didn’t feeeel safe with all the people of questionable vaccination status in the room.”

  • It’s totally unnecessary. Should limit it to repairing past planning damage to section 8-affected hoods, first. Not repeat cycle everywhere else.

    • Jeff…that’s a real concern and glad you brought that
      up. Wasn’t it “Kennedy homes” on the east side that was section 8
      And the residents really crapped that up and they
      Eventually had to knock that down? Do they think
      Things have changed with people who deal drugs
      And live slovenly? They destroyed where they lived
      and now want to ruin single family neighborhoods. I
      Can’t be at the meeting, but I say leave single family
      Neighborhoods alone…I’m NIMBY on this.

  • I can’t remember…you want the larger venue because the
    last time they tried to change single family zoning that so
    many people showed up against it that they decided to postpone the vote and now this time the CC thinks there will be
    a different outcome? …I remember something where city hall was packed and that good city auditor was still employed
    there and no one had masks on…did they try this before
    Pre-Covid? Please clarify if I’m mistaken…

  • Recall King Poe/ He is trying to top his 1.8 Billion Dollar Biomess Legacy and totally destroy Gainesville. Then leave town and find another victim to bestow financial chaos and mayhem.

  • Poe and his cronies on the commission took public participation out of city government years ago. From no longer participating in posting emails on the city website to hiring only those that get in line and firing all who opposed them and their policies without cause. Mr Poe/ Ms Curry, open the emails and other communications so the public can participate in our government. Stop the PSA propaganda speeches and engage the public. I challenge you to let ME sit down with you and see the books as you are required to do by state statute. You DO NOT fulfill public records request and you operate in secret while thumbing your nose at the public you are supposed to serve. WE know you read the AC, how about responding here? Even if you move to a larger venue, you still won’t listen or even respond to our 3-minute distraction to your agenda. Wake up Gainesville to the lame duck legacy agenda that does not have you or the city’s future in mind. VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS.

    • And it’s not because there are no good republican candidates running…we’re surrounded by Marxist commies who
      Want free stuff and we’re outnumbered. These people
      Got in with 10% to 20% of the electorate…maybe 51%
      Of the eligible voters need to vote in order for an election
      To be valid.

  • Too many people in Gainesville are content to live under their mushroom and not get involved. That’s why only a small fraction actually vote.
    And these numbskulls like Poe and company get elected and do irreversible damage to our City.
    Many thanks to the AC for the investigative reporting as the ultra liberal Gainesville Sun hides the truth.

  • I’ve known Jo Lee Beaty for longer than the 15 years she has been attending City Commission meetings. She has contributed time and again to the well-being of Gainesville and its citizens. She has pointed out potential problems to the Commission countless times, but the last few slates of Commissioners have just plunged headlong into financial disasters, such as establishment of the biomass plant, draining GRU’s coffers to fill those of the city, managing fiscally in a way that required the state to do an audit that found many deficiencies in the City budget. I’ve seen that Jo does her homework and knows how the City Charter requires the City to operate and how the current Commission doesn’t follow that Charter. She and others who are well informed have been ignored at times because certain Commissioners refuse to listen to their constituents, acting as if they know it all and forging ahead without adhering to established policies and procedures, giving little attention to the costs, both fiscal and personal, that Gainesville residents will pay. Jo has earned a seat at the dais. I would not want that job, but she does and is prepared for it—and I am confident that she will fully devote herself to considering the short- and long-term implications of any matter that comes before what I hope will be a Commission with a new mayor and none of the incumbents running for another term. I hope you see the benefits of a vote for Jo Lee Beaty, and if you live in District 2 I hope you will cast your vote for her.

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