Letter: Vote for Jo Lee Beaty

At election time, what I, and probably many other citizens, look for in choosing a candidate to represent us is a person who has chosen to do their bit and to provide thoughtful, reasonable, practical, and constitutional solutions to issues arising in the course of their term. JO LEE BEATY is such a person. Moreover. she will, if elected, choose projects which are financially affordable and in the best interests of our community. 

I met Jo some years ago when she began alerting Gainesville residents to the dire consequences of the City getting involved with the biomass plant. She followed up on her initial efforts by bringing her concerns to the City Commissioners. And even after her concerns were ignored, she persisted and was instrumental in getting Attorney Nathan Skop to work on our behalf to have the terms revealed of the “secret” agreement – foisted on us by our so-called representatives. 

Since then, Jo has attended many, if not all, of the commission meetings and has determined that our representation is lacking in many respects. Therefore, she has made the courageous decision to spend the time and money to run for office as our District 2 Representative and to see that her concerns will have real effect in the upcoming decision-making process. 

My husband and I are proud to recommend JO LEE BEATY to represent District 2 citizens. She is a dissenting voice from what we have seen going on at City Hall for some years, is not a career politician, and, we believe, will provide us with excellent representation.


Sally Hayes, Gainesville

    • Ed Book is also an interesting candidate for district 2…that was quite a hit piece the Sun did on him because he didn’t wear a face mask at a recent event. I like to see peoples faces… —The CDC has recently
      relaxed requirements for Covid testing & stuff. How does Beaty feel about this and would she continuously be wearing a face mask if elected? I.e., is it safe for the CC to finally remove their face masks?

      • I understand Jo Lee Beaty is for exercising both personal responsibility and choice on mask wearing – as it should be and used to be. The CDC admitted they handled the pandemic quite poorly, all aspects of it, and their guidance (not mandates) is a return to what it used to be: a focus on individual decisions. We need accountability at all levels of gov’t. I believe Beaty can deliver that.

        • You understand and accurately represent my position. I have a record of trying to hold our City government accountable. When elected I will be able to be more effective. I will have a vote and more than three minutes to do so.

          If you have not already cast your ballot. I ask for your vote so that together we may make the necessary changes to the way our city operates.

  • Beaty is a truly dedicated citizen, a persistent stickler for detail who has spent thousands of hours of her own time trying to get sensible government again in Gainesville. Since Queen “Beijing” Pequine hijacked the city commission, with Poe as a junior commissioner, to sign a 30-yr biomass fiasco and signed herself up for the GRU Feed In Tariff that pays her 10 times the rate for electricity forever (instead of getting a monthly bill – she gets a check), Jo Beatty has been on the front lines every single week. She IS someone you can trust. Radical city leaders have destroyed the better part of a once fine city. We need Jo Beatty to begin undoing the last 8 years or so of bad policies! Vote Beatty!

    • Does that “GRU solar feed in tariff” really pay Hanrahan and its participants “10 times the rate for electricity forever (instead of a getting a monthly bill – she gets a check)”?…if so, they need to break that contract…it’s not equitable. —

      What does ex-GRU employee Mayoral candidate Ed Bielarski have to say about this and if elected mayor, would he and Beaty be in favor of ending that program? I have not made up my mind on who to vote for yet…

  • Of ALL the candidates running for City Commission seats, Jo Beaty is head and shoulders above the rest.

  • I’ve worked with Jo Beaty for many years and know her as a skilled debater and intelligent advocate for the public on City and County issues. There is simply no better candidate in the District 2 race.

  • Gainesville Sun said she was more about “process” than solutions. Had the city commission majority also been more about “process” we wouldn’t need a slew of solutions due to the problems not having been created in the first place!

    Vote Jo Beaty!

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