Man arrested after stalking woman in Walmart, following her home, and attempting to rape her

Tenzin Bhumba


Tenzin Norbu Bhumba, 28, was arrested early this morning after being identified as a suspect in an attempted rape at Hunters Crossing Apartments.

According to the arrest report, Bhumba saw the victim shopping at Walmart around 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 28, and thought that she was “a very attractive woman.” He followed her around Walmart for almost 20 minutes, staying hidden and out of her view. When she left Walmart, he followed her, then moved his car near hers while she was putting her items in her vehicle.

When she drove away, he followed her from SW Gainesville to her apartment at Hunters Crossing. After she parked outside her apartment, Bhumba parked a few spots away and watched her bring her items into her residence. At some point, he got out of his car and positioned himself around a “blind corner” right outside her front door. The arrest report then says that Bhumba “stated that he saw the [victim] standing in her apartment with her back to the door and he thought to himself that this would be a great opportunity to rape her. [He] stated that he… thought that the [victim] was ‘very attractive.'”

When the victim came out of her front door, Bhumba allegedly “grabbed her by the mouth and neck and forced her into her apartment. He entered the apartment, closed the front door, and locked it behind him.”

The victim said he told her he wanted to “hurt her and rape her.” The victim fought back and hit him with a metal flower pot holder. Bhumba forced her into her bedroom and attempted to remove her clothes, but the victim again fought back, prompting Bhumba to leave the apartment. He took her phone so she couldn’t call police, leaving it outside, where a Gainesville Police Department officer later found it. The victim said she did not know the attacker but had previously noticed him at Walmart.

Bhumba dropped his wallet in the victim’s apartment during the altercation, leaving behind his Connecticut driver’s license and other identifying information. He was later arrested around 2:00 a.m.

Post Miranda, Bhumba admitted to stalking the victim at Walmart, following her home, startling her at her front door, grabbing her by the face and neck, forcing her into her residence, choking her, forcing her onto the bed, and taking her phone.