Man arrested for stealing tip jar at Larry’s Giant Subs

Troy Delano Allen


Troy Delano Allen, 45, was arrested last night after UF Police Department sent out a Public Safety Alert for a robbery at Larry’s Giant Subs, 1620 W. University Ave.

According to the arrest report, Allen entered the business and asked one employee if he could get a drink; he then asked a second employee if he could have a free drink. When the employee said no, Allen grabbed the tip jar, containing approximately $25, from the counter. The second employee followed him to the door, at which point a third employee heard the commotion and came out to the main counter.

The third employee followed Allen outside, where he told her to back up. She refused because Allen still had the tip jar; Allen then struck her in the face with a closed fist.

Allen was located a short while later and identified by all three employees. After being read his Miranda rights, Allen is reported to have said, “I did it. Take me to jail.”

While searching Allen, officers found a broken glass “crack” pipe. He has been charged with unarmed robbery and possession of drug equipment. Allen has a lengthy rap sheet, with convictions going back to 1993.