Man arrested for threatening to stab another man at GRACE Marketplace


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Albert Eddie Albritton, Jr., 50, was arrested yesterday morning and charged with aggravated assault, simple battery, and resisting arrest without violence after allegedly hitting another man and then threatening him with a knife in the cafe at GRACE Marketplace.

Albritton and the victim reportedly had a verbal argument at about 8 a.m. in which Albritton accused the victim of stealing items. Albritton allegedly hit the victim in the face with a closed fist, causing the victim to fall to the ground. Albritton then allegedly pulled out a knife and said, “I will kill you.” When Albritton realized the police had been called, he reportedly fled.

Staff told the responding Gainesville Police Department Officer that Albritton had walked into the woods west of GRACE; when the officer saw Albritton, he called out, “Police,” and Albritton allegedly started running. The officer reported that Albritton eventually stopped running, and he saw Albritton drop something on the ground just before he stopped. A knife was reportedly found near where Albritton was arrested.

Post Miranda, Albritton reportedly said he confronted the victim about stolen items and that when the victim denied stealing the items, he “juked” at him but never hit him. He said the victim just fell to the ground. He reportedly said he never had a knife and just used a knife sheath on his belt to scare the victim.

Albritton has 11 felony convictions and has served 5 state prison sentences, with the most recent release in January of 2022. Judge Thomas Jaworski set bail at $20,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • It should be temporary help at Grace.
    10 days and you have to fly on your own…Grace is a disgrace…shut it down…it’s perpetuating vagrancy in our city. They should be doing drug tests there…test positive and you’re

  • They should shut Grace down because it’s too expensive and doesn’t help the well intended homeless. But Grace does not make the problem worse it just doesn’t help anyone. Gainesville is not a utopia for the homeless. The service s here are limited. There is only one shelter that isn’t safe and a few churches that feed you. Rapid rehousing and other social programs only go to a select few who qualify for them. I am not homeless but my past eviction would disqualify me from any housing assistance in Gainesville.

  • I drove by Grace this afternoon, I saw an ambulance heading in. I’m sure we’ll read about it here tomorrow.

    What a wonderful gateway Gainesville has next to the airport. You get to drive past a place that has first responders rushing in all of the time, and then be greeted by pan-handlers at the first traffic light.

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