Man arrested for trying to buy images of nude underage girls


Shane Edward Wolf, 34, was arrested yesterday and charged with criminal solicitation for allegedly attempting to purchase images depicting nude girls between the ages of 11 and 17.

According to the arrest report, the initial CyberTip came from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, alerting law enforcement to a video posted by an account on MeetMe.com. The IP address was traced to an address in Gainesville, and Wolf was identified using information associated with the account, including a photo, phone number, and email address.

In the video, which lasts over 3.5 minutes, a man is shown asking to buy “nude pictures of girls from eleven to seventeen” to give to his “employers.” He also appears to talk to someone else in the room, who was not shown, saying, “I told you guys this would work if we got on here, there’s people like us that understands it’s a business, it’s a… money talks. There’s people.”

Later, in response to a comment typed into the app, the man in the video says, “Just go on ahead and let’s do business, baby. Okay?… How much do you need? Per picture. What can you get me? What kind of pictures can you get me?… Hey man, you either have pictures of young girls to sell to me or you don’t… If you got pictures, of girls, between the ages of eleven and seventeen, naked, to sell to me so I can give them to my employer so he can do the things he does.”

At one point, the man in the video seems to get confused about whether he’s buying or selling: “If you’re not here to buy pictures of young girls between the ages of eleven… sell. I’m sorry. Sell me pictures… You guys have me doing this so much that… it’s hard for me to keep track. Right now, I’m trying to buy. Trying to facilitate buying pictures, of underage girls, that are nude. Right.”

Post Miranda, Wolf reportedly admitted that the MeetMe account and email address were his and that he did try to buy pictures of nude underage girls from others online. He gave various excuses about why he had done it, including claims that he had only done it for a few days. The investigation will continue with a forensic analysis of Wolf’s phone and two computers.

Wolf has been released on $5,000 bond with conditions of no contact with juveniles and no internet access.

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