Man arrested in shooting at Santa Fe Crossing Apartments

Terrnarian Mills


Terrnarian Marte’l Mills, 33, was arrested yesterday after two victims were shot at the Santa Fe Crossing apartment complex.

At about 2:00 p.m. on July 24, an Alachua County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of shots fired at Building 9 of Santa Fe Crossing Apartments. The responding deputy found 2 victims, one of whom was pregnant, in an apartment. A person matching the description of the suspect (Mills) was observed in the parking lot and was taken into custody. A Smith and Wesson .40 caliber handgun was located near the suspect on the sidewalk. Both victims were transported to Shands Hospital with injuries.

One of the victims, who was interviewed as she was about to go into surgery for a gunshot wound to the abdomen, identified Mills as the shooter. The male victim shares custody of a child with the female victim, and the female victim was dropping off the child when Mills showed up.

After being read his rights, Mills said he suspected that he had left his wallet in the female victim’s car, so he tracked her with a phone application to the apartment complex. He also admitted to pushing and scuffling with the female victim near the doorway of the apartment. After the male victim produced a gun, Mills apparently shot both victims, although he claimed to be only aiming at the male victim, then left the apartment and called 911.

Mills is charged with using a 2-way device to facilitate a felony, burglary with assault or battery, attempted first degree murder, and aggravated battery on a victim who he knew or should have known to be pregnant.

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  • Another proximity shooting. Another shooting in Gainesville. Just another BoB shooting.

    Notice a trend?

    Let’s keep pushing that “defund” the police movement. Save the taxpayers some money, let Poe or one of the other $ociali$t Seven offer to take him in and rehabilitate him.

    • “Notice a trend?” Yes. It’s all black people shooting
      Black people and these guys are bad shots. This
      Black on black crime is killing more black people in GNV
      Than Covid, and the masks are useless in preventing
      Covid, but very good for concealing the criminals’
      faces…can Fauci come up with another vaccine shot
      To stop this black on black crime pandemic? Maybe
      The Covid shot has side effects that’s causing this…
      Why do city commissioners still wear the mask if they
      Got the Covid shot? Maybe they’re wannabe gangstas.

    • Police only respond to crime haha, defund their ass they’re worthless trash

  • “Notice a trend?” What, …like they’re lousy shots or something? Maybe the money that goes from “defunding the police” should be spent on giving the criminals some
    Range time in the name of equity so that they “can sorta build back better”…that, or call a crime pandemic emergency and
    Place a curfew on the east side of town come sundown… no gatherings like what they did with
    The Covid quarantines… we don’t want this crime
    Epidemic spreading and infecting innocent neighbors…
    What about testing? Use “stop & Frisk”..

  • I notice a trend. More crime in the future Bircher Utopia of Springs County. What a hellhole that will be. But no Cuban Communists!

    • I think that the proposed springs county will only get that drive by shooting
      Crime if they enact that “GANG” equity plan thing in GNV… and I think that springs county will be tough on

    • I’ve noticed a trend for you as well “Trend Noticed.” Every time you put fingers to keyboard you continue to illustrate your own political bias and personal ignorance. Reminds me of another person of comparable ignorance and denial… He was often referred to as “Our Very Own Dumb@rse.”

  • I thought GPD hired mental health experts to help stop the violence? Gee, maybe one could have scolded the suspect and put him in a time out before he shot!! Btw, that money they took away from GPD for supposedly getting more mental health people, what is being done with it or on their idea? I wonder what liberal trash they’re spending it on?

  • >