Man charged with stalking after allegedly hiring private investigators to find his ex-girlfriend so he could kill her

Update: The subject of this article has requested a note that all charges were dropped in this case on August 10, 2022.


Nicholas G. Darling, 30, was arrested yesterday and charged with aggravated domestic stalking after allegedly threatening his ex-girlfriend and hiring private investigators to find her.

The relationship between Darling and his ex-girlfriend ended in April of 2022, and since then, he has reportedly sent her many “aggressive threatening” texts. She was reportedly forced to move out of her house for her safety, and since she moved out, the text messages have reportedly become more violent and threatening.

Darling reportedly contacted the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to find her address and hired multiple private investigators to find her. He has also allegedly threatened to go to GRU to find her new address.

On May 30, a Gainesville Police Department officer made contact with Darling by phone and advised him to stop contacting the victim. The officer reported that Darling told him he “did not care if I was law enforcement and that he was going to find her no matter what.” The officer reported that Darling was “extremely hostile” and repeatedly “commanded” the officer to tell him where the victim lives.

Darling allegedly texted the victim after the phone call and wrote, “F*** you and f*** that cop you had call me… He says he is going to arrest me and I told him good luck. You don’t scare me and neither do the cops.” The report concluded, “It is clear that nothing is going to stop [Darling] on his current course of action including the law.”

A witness who knows both Darling and the victim reportedly told the officer that Darling’s father had warned the victim in April to leave her house immediately because Darling was coming to kill her. The witness also reportedly said that Darling had made explicit death threats regarding the victim in recent days.

Darling has been charged with aggravated domestic stalking and is being held on $150,000 bond.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • He sounds very determined to find and kill his ex-GF.
    That bond sounds pretty low, considering he has frequently stated his intention to commit first-degree murder if he has the opportunity.

    • That bond sounds pretty low? So, you’re one of those that believes EVERYTHING she reads. There is only ONE side of the story told here. Everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty, but someone like you wouldn’t care because you just see what a JOURNALIST wrote and it’s automatically true since it’s in the news. Everyone deserves to tell their side of the story. Relationships have their issues. When individuals break up, they BOTH become spiteful. They BOTH do things that the other never thought they would to get back at the other for breaking their heart and hurting them. When a child is involved, these days, one party will go above and beyond to try to keep one parent from seeing that child as a way to try to get back at that parent for ending the relationship or for not getting their way. People in these situations will do ANYTHING and everything to ensure one parent will never see their child again because they are angry with the other parent. They don’t have the child’s best interest in mind. They don’t care that they will mentally and emotionally damage their children, all they care about is hurting the other adult and bringing them down out of spite. They don’t care if the other parent is an excellent mother or father to that child regardless of the fact they just didn’t work together. Not everything you read is true. So, before you go making assumptions, maybe you should try keeping an open mind and understand that the things you post publicly are mentally and emotionally damaging to others. You should try putting yourself in both people’s shoes and see where that gets you. His bond was OUTRAGEOUS. Especially considering the article stating his father called to warn the gf that they needed to leave immediately because Darling was on his way to kill her. That’s hearsay. Where is the father’s comment or the father’s statement that confirms this is true? Why wasn’t the police called this night if she was SO AFRAID for her life? She will call the police and make a statement that he’s harassing her and making all sorts of threats via texts but when Darling’s father calls to say he’s on the way to kill is GF, they just flee the house and don’t bother calling the police with a supposed friend who all of a sudden comes forward after A MONTH GOES by? Hmmmm this sounds to me like there’s more to the story and it’s possible that she’s not coming forward with the whole truth. IF SHES SO AFRAID FOR HER LIFE, WHY DID SHE WAIT AN ENTIRE MONTH TO REPORT ANYTHING TO THE POLICE? WHY DID SHE WAIT AN ENTIRE MONTH BEFORE REPORTING DARLING’S FATHER CALLED TO WARN HER? OR IF SHE WAS TOO AFRAID TO COME FORWARD, WHY DIDN’T HER FRIEND OR THE “MARINE” who’s house they all stayed at NOT COME forward sooner. You see, not everything adds up. There are pieces to this story and this ACCUSATION that aren’t adding up. No one is a saint. He may not be totally innocent in this situation but she definitely isn’t either.

      • I don’t believe anything I just read in this response. Threatening to kill someone repeatedly and a call from the perps father carries much more weight than your diatribe.

  • If they let him out for the 15k bond and he does go after her, she is gonna have one hell of a lawsuit against Alachua County.

    • Will she really have one hell of a lawsuit? Actually probably not. Do your research before coming to such assumptions. See, only one side of the story is being told in this article and it’s not even being told by the gf involved in this case. There are many things that don’t add up. The article states, “She was reportedly forced to move out of her house for her safety…” If Darling is as violent as this article and the police report are making him out to be, do you really think that he would’ve “LET” her move out and get her own house? Absolutely not. He would’ve beat her. He would’ve fought her and tried to make it impossible for her to leave. But where are the hospital records of such a beating? Someone who is so eager to kill his ex gf doesn’t just let her leave peacefully and silently without a fight and an attempt to kill her before she left. Where’s the police report of him being violent towards her on her venture to move into her own home? Where are previous records of such abuse or any abuse at all? Physically abusive spouses who hold the potential to murder/kill their spouses, don’t just let them leave without a first attempt or at least some kind of beating. Where are the reports of previous domestic abuse against Darling? Someone who is ready to premeditate and commit homicide doesn’t just develop these feelings over night and doesn’t just not have a history of domestic abuse. If not in this relationship, he would have a history in another relationship. So, will she really have one hell of a lawsuit? Clearly, there is more to this story that isn’t and hasn’t been told as the court didn’t find probable cause to hold Darling without bond.

  • She should get herself a gun or guns if she feels her life is in danger. He could obviously go on a rampage and kill more than one person. He’s at the age when violent criminals tend to commit the worst crimes. We definitely need a big mental institution here with bars on the windows, with all the crazy people Gainesville has been attracting lately under the current leadership.

    • And to to off on a tangent: I think swampee is right
      When he says law enforcement is not reporting all
      The crimes…you never hear about the drug overdoses.
      —i heard there were 2 fentanyl deaths at the sunshine
      Motel within the last 2 weeks..the housing authority is in charge of that place. Story goes: guy was smoking crack
      & fentanyl and wasn’t feeling right. They call ambulance.
      Ambulance picks guy up and brings him to the VA, but
      Before that, gives his paraphernalia to the guy with him
      So he isn’t caught with it. Well, that guy is found dead in
      The morning and the guy who went to hospital died, and
      another guy almost died but survived. How come
      The media isn’t talking about these drug deaths? I
      Also heard that the parking lot at Grace Mkt has a lot
      Of drug dealing going on 24/7.

  • He was being withheld the whereabouts of his child. This woman is bipolar and the witness lied he is a loving parent who supported her fat ass and she is butt hurt he broke up with her. You people have no clue and are convicting someone without all the facts. He never threatened her at all. Any woman who takes a child away from the loving supporting father is a disgusting evil creature from hell.

    • There is a real truth here. He did threaten to kill her. He did want her to leave and she did. He is withhold support for his child. He is trying to take the car she uses to go work. He did threaten police. His family is helping harass her. In the end he has a drug and alcohol problem but will not address it. There are always three sides to the story…His side…Her side…And the truth.

  • What kind of world is this that you can report something that is not true, what’s his side of the story. This story is just that a made up story by a very spiteful women who has taken his child without telling the child’s father. She is making up stories She is a violent man abuser and no one she judge anyone without knowing the actual truth. This is what is wrong with this world today women who are trying to claim abuse when she is the actual violent abuser It’s not right to women who are actually abused.

  • I heard the threats that were recorded on her phone. They are real. The police also have them, they downloaded them. Threats were made via voice and text to a friend also. Now there are threats coming from his family. Police have all these. This is not as simple as it sounds. Amazing what drug and alcohol abuse will cause.

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