New principals and administrators at Alachua County Public Schools this year

File photo: ACPS Superintendent Shane Andrew


ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – The commencement of the 2023-24 school year has brought new beginnings to a host of top administrators in Alachua County. We have broken down all the new hires and administration changes below:

Eight schools have new principals for the 2023-24 school year, listed below:

  • Jennifer Roberson – Stephen Foster Elementary
  • Tami Delaney – Carolyn Beatrice Parker Elementary
  • Stella Arduser – M. K. Rawlings Elementary
  • James Speer – Howard Bishop Middle 
  • Darin Jones – Abraham Lincoln Middle
  • Mike Gamble – A. L. Mebane Middle
  • John Green, II – Hawthorne Middle/High
  • Ginger Stanford – Sidney Lanier Center

New administrators in the school district offices include:

  • Positions reporting to the Superintendent 
    • Catherine Atria – Deputy Superintendent
    • Douglas Pelton – Chief, Security and School Safety 
    • Amelia Caldwell – Internal Auditor
  • Operations
    • Maria Eunice – Chief, Operations
    • Dontarrius Rowls, Director of Transportation 
    • Jamie Lovett – Director, Food and Nutrition Services
  • Business Services
    • Keith Birkett – Chief, Finance
  • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Jacquatte Rolle – Chief, Teaching and Learning
    • Karla Hutchinson – Principal, Turnaround
    • J. Diane Leinenbach – Principal, Turnaround
    • Jennifer Petit-Frere – Director, Professional Development
    • Joram Rejouis – Director, Grants, Acquisitions, and Special Projects
    • Manda Bessner – Director, Eval, Accountability, Data Analytics 
  • Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement
    • Kathleen Black – Director, Executive; ESE/Student Services

The Staff Attorney position remains vacant.

  • Darin Jones was the head of thr alachua county school busses last year. I only know that because I was in constant contact with him about how my children’s busses never came. He did a terrible job at that position and now he’s thr principal at Lincoln middle? I smell corruption and a golden parachute. 😠 😡

  • Wasn’t Arduser removed as principal at Archer for creating a hostile work environment, actively bullying staff, and causing lawsuits against the district with her terrible behaviors? Poor Rawlings. She is the last thing they need.

  • Congratulations to Mrs. Robeson, she will be great leadership and inspiration for Stephen Foster Elementary. My daughter had her as a teacher at Alachua Elementary, the n as a Vice Principal at High Spring Community. Mrs. Robeson has always been an advocate for the children in her care.

  • Maria Eunice doesn’t need to be chief of anything. She treats people like they are beneath her. All she was concerned about when she was the director of food service was money. She treated food service workers bad which is why they have such a high turn over

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