New website highlights “failed record of Alachua County Democrats”

Press release from Alachua County Commission Candidate Raemi Eagle-Glenn

Alachua County Commission candidate Raemi Eagle-Glenn has launched GainesvillePoverty.com, highlighting the record of the Democrat-dominated County Commission over the past quarter century:

  • Worst income inequality in FL
  • 20% poverty rate, among the highest in FL
  • 54% of families barely able to afford necessities

*Data is sourced from US Census & United Way ALICE project.

Republican Raemi Eagle-Glenn is running a campaign against the 20-yr status quo, advocating for policies to bring more living-wage jobs to Alachua County.

Disclaimer: Many candidates, including Raemi Eagle-Glenn, advertise on AlachuaChronicle.com. Press releases from all candidates are welcome and will be run as time permits.

  • Candidate Ramen Eaglegreen is clueless. She is still running her campaign against the “20 year incumbents” on the BOCC.” Earth to Ramen: The 20 years incumbents Hutch and Byerly are GONE and you are not running against any of them. Just beating a dead anti-Democrat horse. Four new ladies are running for BOCC. Quit running against Hutch and Byerly and run FOR the commission (if your campaign signs are legal) and say what you will do if elected. Yea, I know, all you Rethuglicans is do the Trump thing and rile up the hate among your conservative base against the evil enemy of that there liburl Democrat scum.. Sad.

    • You are the clueless one OW Dumbarse. The people you suckle are responsible for high taxes, high unemployment rates for minorities and the increased homelessness. They are the plantation owners in Gainesville/Alachua county and you just can’t comprehend it because YOU are part of the problem. What state did you immigrate from anyway? That’s the problem, you degenerates run from self imposed oppressors you put in office and bring those failed ideologies to other communities and destroy them. You are like a swarm of locusts that destroy everything possible and then you fly off to your next meal. Like leeches, you definitely know how to suck.

  • Shame on you Jennifer for running a campaign site as a news article. Yes it is OK to run campaign press releases as a public service as long as they are noted. But the headline “New website highlights “failed record of Alachua County Democrats”” appears to be a news article. You need some remedial headline writing classes. The headline should be something like “Republican Candidate launches web site that ALLEGES a “failed record of Alachua County Democrats”.” Your writing implies that the“failed record of Alachua County Democrats” is a fact, not just a campaign allegation by a far right Dem hating Republican candidate. The Chronicle used to be fairly neutral, but you are slipping into a partisan rag because your conservative bias is showing. Sad. If you want to turn this into a Republican partisan rag just register as a PAC and quit pretending to be neutral.

    • Hey OW Dumbarse…it is a fact. Current city and county leaders are fiscally incompetent. The proof is in the pudding. Gainesville entered into a contract with the Biomass manufacturer that the city attorneys themselves advised against. County leaders continue to ignore the advice of their legal counsel as well, in fact, some have lost their job for dissenting. The taxes are going up, the homelessness is increasing, utility rates are rising with no ceiling in sight, (despite the purchase of the aforementioned Biomass plant), and the continued gentrification of Gainesville is still alive and well in spite of their empty promises. You really want to bark up that tree? You should probably clear your throat first.
      Once again, I will not offer an apology to you if the “truth” hurts.

  • O.W. Douglas is a racist anti-white mess proud to Agenda 2030 confess that he/she hates truth best

    • OW Dumbarse is nothing more than a farce.
      He’d rather suckle than cuddle
      He has no apology
      There’s no explanation for his idiocy
      He can’t comprehend
      He only wants to offend
      He’ll never understand what made this country great
      He chooses instead just to hate
      Even from days past in my youth
      These things I’ve expressed have been the truth.

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