Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe officially changes parties to join the Forward Party

Press release from the Forward Party

NEWBERRY, Fla. – Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe officially announced he has changed parties, becoming the first sitting Forward Party Mayor in America. The party switch reflects the growing political strength of the Florida Forward Party, which gained legal party recognition just last month, as well as the national Forward Party’s focus on local offices.

“For the last 12 years, it has been my honor to serve my residents of the city of Newberry,” said Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe. “In that time it’s always been my goal to work to bring people together to solve the real-world problems our residents face. I’ve never really felt at home in either of the two main political parties. Today it is my pleasure to officially announce that I am ready to move ‘Forward.’ I’m ready to move Newberry forward, move our county forward, and move this country forward. Together we can solve problems. Together we can get things done. Let’s move forward together.”

Mayor Marlowe made the announcement at a launch event for the Forward Party of Alachua County. His reputation for bridge-building and cross-partisan leadership made him a natural fit for the burgeoning party, whose focus on elevating and electing local leaders sets them apart from other national parties, big and small.

“Unlike other new party or independent efforts, Forward isn’t chasing the fleeting limelight of Presidential Politics,” said National Director of Communities and Building Joel Searby, himself an Alachua County resident. “We’re focused on the more than 500,000 elected offices not in Washington, DC, where we can make an impact on people’s lives right away. The Forward Party is focused on finding and elevating the dedicated servant leaders who will work to bring people together to solve problems that impact our local communities. Mayor Marlowe embodies that vision and strategy.”

While Mayor Marlowe is the first sitting Mayor to register with the Forward Party, several other lawmakers, candidates, and former elected officials have publicly affiliated as “Forward Democrats or Forward Republicans” around the country. Other elected officials are also eyeing a change as the Forward Party builds out its robust political network and party infrastructure in more and more states.

Nationally, the Forward Party already enjoys some level of legal party status in 6 states (CA, FL, ME, NC, NV, TX). Additionally, other state organizations are conducting signature-gathering drives for party recognition, including Utah, Colorado, Maryland, and Arizona.

The Forward Party is bringing Democrats, Republicans, and Independents together to build a new kind of political party that represents the interests of the majority of Americans who reject extremism and division. https://www.forwardparty.com

    • Yeah formed by former democrat Andrew Yang who failed his president bid.

  • “Forward” has been a leftist Democrat buzzword since Obama starting using it. So it might confuse a lot of people.

  • Started and populated by failures at being politicians, mostly from the Democrat party.

    • Isn’t that cute! Roger, you’ve been thoroughly trained to mis-nomer members of a political party by it’s opposition party. Nobody has been infantile enough from the other side to mis-nomer Republicans.

  • Whatever happened to any pretense of journalism the Chronicle used to pretend it had? Yes this is a reproduced press release but a news outlet owes the readers the full truth. A news article would say which party he switched from. Marlowe is so ashamed of his old party he will not even mention the name. Typical slimy politician.

    • Relax…. this web site is super helpful, and you could always do a quick search of the webs and find this info…

    • I lean more libertarian, but the national libertarian party is an absolute joke. I wouldn’t want to mention them either.

  • This is awesome! Thank you Mayor Marlowe and I hope your boldness will encourage others to join the Forward Party as well!

  • Congratulations Mayor Marlowe, the Forward Party sounds like a good fit for you.
    Keep up the good work!

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