November 1 update: 124 new positive tests, 2 deaths


According to the state dashboard, Alachua County reported an increase of 124 positive COVID-19 tests, with an official test positivity rate of 4.58%. 2 new deaths were reported.

The new deaths were an 88-year-old male who tested positive on September 28 and has “unknown” in both the emergency room and hospitalized fields and a 96-year-old male who tested positive on August 17 and was not hospitalized. One of them was a long-term care resident.

Of the people whose positive tests came back yesterday, 8 were 65 or older, and 65 (55%) were college-aged.

A total of 78 deaths have been reported in the county, 34 of which were in long-term care.

The overall number of people (from all counties) hospitalized here for COVID-19 increased from 65 to 67.

State COVID-19 hospitalizations increased to 2,371 today.

The state reported 4,865 new positive tests (official positivity rate of 4.32%) and a net increase of 28 deaths, 12 of which were from long-term care facilities.

Changes in the number of deaths were reported on 16 different dates, going back to October 2. Changes by month: October (+28)

The peaks are on July 30 (235) and August 4 (237), and the 7-day moving average peak is August 5 (225).

The 7-day average plateau between July 25 and August 7 has been stable since I started reporting the peaks on August 27.

Here is the full chart for context:

The state also publishes a chart of the percentage of new tests that are positive by day (this chart is for the whole state), and the official positive rate yesterday was 4.32%.

In Alachua County, the official positivity rate was 4.58%.

This chart shows the number of negative tests reported in Alachua County by day:

The 7-day moving average of new cases is at 93.1 through yesterday’s cases. Here is the 7-day average of new cases for the past 14 days: