Ocala duo convicted by jury of murder


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Douglas Cantrel Heath, 41, and Martesha Williams Johnson, 32, of Ocala, were both convicted of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder yesterday by an Alachua County Jury. Johnson was also convicted of accessory after the fact.

The pair were arrested in connection with the May 17, 2021, murder of innocent bystander Tyerune G. Blocker while they were trying to kill Derrick A. Williams in Brooker. An Alachua County Sheriff’s Detective determined during the investigation that Heath, Johnson, and Jasmine Chantell Webb were involved in a love triangle. Webb had previously been in a relationship with Williams, and the shooting was a result of an ongoing conflict between Heath and Williams.

Webb is still facing charges of murder and attempted murder.

The trial lasted four days and was presided over by Judge William Davis. The jury deliberated for five hours. Sentencing is set for December 2022.

  • We can only hope they will actually receive an appropriate sentence for their crime, that justice will be served for the victim and his family and a deterrent effect will influence others with a disregard for human life to think twice before they plot to kill someone else.

  • The Irony is, that he killed someone over his girlfriend; only to be someone’s girlfriend in prison.

    • Struck a nerve?!!! So sorry. I’m sure these two are just victims of systemic racism.

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